As suggested by its artist, Gianpiero, the Inbetweeners NFT represent empathy and a sense of belonging. The use case of this NFT is essentially community-driven.

Inbetweeners NFT is the Artist Gianpiero’s brainchild. Showcased on Billboard, and known to be a creative visionary in Hollywood, Gianpiero has designed merchandise for Snoop Dogg and lately, Justin Bieber. This natural-born talent comes with hand drawing elements and giving them life. With such minuscule detail, every word on the Inbetweeners NFT website is handwritten. 

Illustration Of The Inbetweeners NFT

Residing on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Inbetweeners NFT is a collection of 10,777 NFTs with cute and quirky characteristics. Each NFT is unique, hand-drawn, and imbued with positivity-spreading essence all over it. 

The Inbetweeners NFTs are riddled with fluffy bears showcasing their left profile. And then it’s all a mesh of characteristics like goofy glasses, iridescent illustrations over the background, and ostentatious outfits. There’s Batman bear, Dexter Bear, and many more references to pop culture! Since Gianpiero belongs in pop culture too, the Inbetweeners NFTs follow suit. 

With names like Justin Bieber attached to it, although the Inbetweeners Justin Bieber story is for later, let’s see how, when, and why they’re in the market in the first place.

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Inbetweeners In Between Bidding Wars: What Does OpenSea Say?

The NFT works towards building a community. The Inbetweeners NFT drop took place via the whitelist as pre-sale on December 15, 2021, and another pre-sale on December 20. Later, it was finally available to Mint on December 22, publicly. 

Inbetweeners NFT Price & Prediction

The Inbetweeners NFT Mint Price was decided as 0.27 Eth + gas price. The price has been stable since the public sale leading up towards the end of the year. And when it comes to the floor, the Inbetweeners NFT floor price is about 1.45 Eth as of December 30th, 2021, just about the end of the year. 

Inbetweeners NFT Justin Bieber

And you might ask how to buy Inbetweeners NFT, it’s super easy. The NFT collection is listed on the OpenSea Marketplace. And as sales predict, average sales as of December 30th, lie at 75, with Justin Bieber making posts about it on his Instagram. 

And thus the Inbetweeners NFT Price Prediction can be said to be plummeting since the Justin Bieber surprise has not been announced yet. Let’s see what surprises they have in store for the holders.

Inbetweeners NFT Roadmap, Surprises, And Justin Bieber!?

The Inbetweeners NFTs Twitter suggests, “This is just the beginning“. With more than half the volume already being traded, the community for the NFT grows stronger. 

Since Gianpiero is an artist and wanted to create a cohort of people that celebrate positivity and inclusivity, the roadmap drops surprises such that the message gets clear. Which is, spreading positivity in real life and the Metaverse. The surprises include these:

  • 100 randomly chosen holders to get a hand-painted canvas of their NFT, with the signature of the artist
  • An Art Show Party in LA in 2022
  • Monthly events and meetups
  • And the most enticing, a mystery utility with Justin Bieber. Thus celebrating the Inbetweeners NFT Justin Bieber collaboration. 

With this, the Project has a benevolent message and some finery to offer. Gianpiero showcases his talent and strives towards building a powerful community of kind-hearted people.

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