With the iPhone, photography can be fun – especially ever since the jump to the 8-megapixel camera with the 4/4S. But to make the most of it, you gotta have a few apps that allow you to enhance and edit your photos. Framing options are essential for presentation and since many users prefer simple, easy-to-use options, an app like InFrame Foto fits the bill fairly nicely. InFrame Foto is touted as simple to use and simple it is. Users simply select a frame style and frame ratio and then can adjust the border sizes of the frame, the corners, and add select background colors. It’s a quick and simple way to frame one special picture or create a framed collage of photos.
InFrame Foto has just over two dozen different frame styles and allows you to adjust the width of the frame borders as well as adjust the photo corners with a simple slide rule. To insert a photo into the frame, just tap the space and choose a photo from your library. Pictures can be zoomed in or out with a pinch/squeeze and dragged into position within the frame. Next, apply a color to your border and your image is ready to share.
InFrame Foto also has a selection of the most popular photo effects for using soft focus, increasing/decreasing saturation, adding a vintage look, etc. While not as extensive as a dedicated photo editor, having the tools built-in is a nice touch that reinforces the app’s ability to be a one-stop shop. The other bonus is that effects can be applied to photos independently, so the image in Frame A might be grayscale while the photo in Frame B might be super-saturated.
Although InFrame Foto is intuitive in most respects, some users may get lost looking for the editing options. To edit an image, tap and hold the photo that you want to enhance. Quick tap will let you add an image to the frame or switch for a new picture; long tap will bring up the built-in photo editor.
While InFrame Foto offers basic framing capabilities in a simple to use, easy to navigate interface, its simplicity presents limits. Similar framing apps, such as PicFrame, offer additional features such as the ability to add text labels (via an extra purchase). As an example of InFrame Foto’s perfectly functional, but slightly limited features, border color options are limited to eight color choices and if you change your mind about the frame you selected the images aren’t retained. You’ll have to reload them if you want to change frame styles mid-design.
Nonetheless, in spite of these limits, InFrame Foto provides good photo framing capabilities for nice-looking album pages. It’s simple enough for anyone to use regardless of experience level, and it’s a good choice when you want to get in make a few adjustments without getting bogged down with too many choices.
For its total value and price, InFrame Foto is a good photo frame option for iPhone photography and both creating and then sharing by email or to social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) is quick and simple.