If, like many people, your New Year’s resolution was to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, then you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of iPhone apps designed to help you lose weight. Intelli-Diet Weight Loss App is one such option touted as an “intelligent” weight loss app that helps users figure out what to eat—and when.
Intelli-Diet is different from many of the weight loss apps that track calories consumed and burned. Instead, Intelli-Diet provides healthy meal and snack suggestions based on user-specific food selections. Simply access food preferences in the settings menu and toggle your individual preferences on or off. Intelli-Diet then generates daily meal plans based on those selections and the starting weight and goal weight information you entered during the initial set-up. It will also generate a shopping list based on the meals for the week.
In terms of user-friendliness, Intelli-Diet provides an easy to use system that can be modified and personalized quickly. Though a fair amount of the most accessible foods are provided as options, the lists aren’t as comprehensive as you might think. For example, the fat group consists of mostly nut, oil and seed products, but pine nuts, macadamia nuts, dark chocolate and almond butter is not an option. Additionally, it is not designed for people who pursue special diets like gluten-free or reduced sodium as it does not provide any nutritional information about the foods.
Intelli-Diet is well designed and a pretty good choice for creating healthy meal plans based on food preferences. In that respect, it’s a great choice for people who struggle with meal planning and overall healthy dietary options. It allows for easy modifications of any meal and will switch out one food for a new one with the touch of a button. You can set up reminders for meal times and Intelli-Diet also provides a place to enter and track your weight daily if you desire, but this is the only record you can keep. If you want to keep track of calories or nutritional information and track exercise, then opt for a different app such as Lose It.
Ultimately, Intelli-Diet is a good exercise in simplicity and meal selections and is ideal for users who have no interest in tracking calories or nutritional information, but simply want to be offered food selections based on their weight loss goals and food preferences. For those who have struggled with diet and weight loss in the past due to the complexity of calorie tracking and food selections, Intelli-Diet’s beauty lies in its simplicity – you just have to be committed to following a daily meal plan.