Word nerds and letter lovers definitely have the pick of the App Store for games to keep their erudite gray matter engaged. Whether it’s Zynga’s Words with Friends or Scrabble, the plethora of word games available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will keep even the most scholarly wordsmiths busy on the go (but remember, not on the tarmac). What are some of the best word games that spell F-U-N for everyone? The following is a collection of word games that have earned prime real estate on our home screens.

It’s unlikely anyone’s missed this game. But just in case, Draw Something by OMGPOP is a turn-based word-guessing game that combines artistic skill with letter ciphering. Players take turns drawing a picture to represent a word and then send it on to their partner to guess. As you rack up the turn count, you rack up the coins and can use the coins to purchase additional colors for your palette or bombs for help when you’re stuck. It’s not social networking, per se, but social drawing and is strangely addictive. (review)

Abble Dabble is a bit like Scrabble on a white mocha double espresso. In another turn-based word-building game, players take turns laying letter tiles to score the most points. The twist? The game board squares move around, randomly and purposely depending on the settings, which means players might have to chase down the triple word score for several turns before there’s a valid wordplay. This keeps planning your next move all the more challenging as you try to rack up the biggest wordplay value. (review)
For those who appreciate a challenge, Wofford is a prime example of a word game that requires thought. Players build words from provided letter tiles across a horizontal and vertical playing field.

If you can fill in all the horizontal squares with words, you score a Woffo – but why stop there when a Super Woffo is up for grabs? Fill in both the horizontal and vertical squares with words and it’s a big win – like hitting the letter lotto. (review)
Who could ever think of word games and forget about Pop Cap’s Bookworm? With a letter library that can catch fire and burn to the ground, hidden books, and bonus words, Bookworm is the word search, word-making bomb.
Build words from adjacent letter tiles, score big with bonus tiles, and unlock and complete the books by finding all the words. Bookworm is casual and engrossing and can be played for minutes or hours. (review)

Anagrams can be fun and with Text Twist 2, word fanatics get multiple ways to play. Choose from four modes of play that each continues through progressively more challenging rounds as you try to make as many words with the available letters in a set amount of time.
The ability to change up the gameplay keeps it interesting and a bonus “daily word” round is available each day. Text Twist 2 is simple, challenging, and satisfies the urge for words.
Have a favorite word game not mentioned here, share it with other word game fans and tell us how you spell fun!

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