iStudent Pro – I have this recurring nightmare that I’m a student and I’m very late for classes, or worse, I’m running up and down long hallways trying to find the right room. It’s apparently a common dream.
If you’re really a student befuddled by crazy schedules, too many assignments due and exams to prepare for, then iStudent Pro from Andriy Kachalo and Michael Balashoff will sort things out for you.
Launch iStudent Pro the first time and you’ll have the option of using it right away or taking a few lessons. I jumped right in because I wanted to see just how intuitive iStudent Pro is.
Along the bottom menu bar are icons for Today, Calendar, Assignments and Courses. All are self-explanatory, so no worries about a steep learning curve.
Step one is to input details about your student activities and requirements. To do that, tap the Courses icon followed by the Plus sign. Choose from among Regular Class, Single Class or Exam. Let’s say you’re about to set up a regular class, so you tap that button. Enter the day or the week the class is held, start and end time, instructor and location.
If you select Type from the list, you’ll go to a pair of scroll wheels that give you the option of selecting descriptions of your courses such as Practical, Lecture and so on. If you don’t see something you want, you can add it. Do that for all your classes.
Now, go back to the Course screen to look at your schedule. You can add or edit it. You can also assign a colour to each class subject (say, red for Anatomy and blue for Math).
Tap the Assignments icon to view or add to what is basically a syllabus and a to-do list for each of the courses you entered earlier. You’ll get a look at when assignments are due, and if you have the misfortune, you’ll also get a look at the assignments that are overdue.
Tap the Calendar icon in iStudent Pro to get an overview of the month’s requirements and any special days, such as the date of an exam, which is red-flagged.
There are other bits and pieces to iStudent Pro that I haven’t mentioned and the reason is that iStudent Pro is easy to use and it will be a quick study. It would be a nice addition if there was a place to add the email address of each professor and access to a browser that would take you to Web pages where professors often post assignments, syllabus, links and so on. Those are pretty common things you would want these days.
iStudent Pro is $2.99, which seems to be about right. iStudent Pro works well and looks good while it’s doing it. I haven’t been a student for a long time but I can easily see that most students would find iStudent Pro handy. Best of all, no more recurring nightmares.