How well do you know the songs in your iTunes library? If you are a music buff, or someone that loves trivia games, Jukebox Genius is a fun and exciting trivia app that will challenge your music knowledge using the songs in your music library.
Jukebox Genius is simple to play; all you need is the app and a well-stocked iTunes library. Obviously the game works much better with more songs but it is just as fun with only a few — it doesn’t pass judgement on your music collection, just how well you know it. The game has six categories of questions: Artist name, Supersize album, Album cover, Album name, Song name, High Speed song, and Genre.
When you first begin to play Jukebox Genius you start off with the ‘Artist name’ category. After listening to snippet from a random song from your library, the app presents four multiple choice answers. The goal is to answer as quickly as possible because you earn more points the faster you answer each question. Unlock Jukebox Genius categories by achieving points milestones. Or, if you are the impatient type, gain complete access by unlocking every category in this music game for $0.99 a piece.
The categories for Jukebox Genius are pretty much what the name implies, but here is a quick rundown anyway:

  • Artist name: requires you to name the artist for a song while give you multiply choice answers.
  • Supersize album: requires you to guess the name of an album by showing you a close up view of the album cover.
  • High Speed Song: requires you to guess the name of the song while it is played is in high speed.
  • Genre: requires you to guess the genre of a song, which can be as broad as ‘rock’ or as specific as ‘techno pop’.
  • Album cover, Album name and Song name are exactly what their name implies.

The best feature of Jukebox Genius is the ability to connect and play with friends via Facebook in the multiplayer mode. It’s a fun way to keep in contact with friends, and a nice change of pace for those who are tiring of Zynga’s “With Friends” series.
The issue I had with Jukebox Genius is that I don’t have that many songs in my music library, so after playing the game a few times the songs began to be repeated. I guess that’s my own fault for not having more songs on my iPhone, but I would have loved to see the app provide some music of its own.
Overall, I enjoyed the music quizzes in Jukebox Genius. It is a new way to explore your music library while also satisfying your love of trivia. This game is a must have for both music lovers and trivia buffs.