Renowned puzzle creator David L. Hoyt has offered up another word puzzle game for all ages. Just 2 Words is a word guessing game that features a combination of pictures serving as hints to the two-word answer to each puzzle. Each puzzle’s answer is a combination of two words typically used together with specific meaning, such as “group discount” or “moving target.” The picture hints might actually be a picture of the word, or in some cases, they help provide a bigger clue to the first part of a word or how the word sounds.
Similar to other popular word guessing games in the same vein, Just 2 Words is riddled with Hoyt’s style and provides a fun challenge that combines visual analysis with word and letter combinations. Some puzzles are a breeze and others will challenge both halves of your brain. But don’t worry, if you get stuck, you can unlock cheats or hints from Hoyt with coins you earn for previous correct answers.
Just 2 Words has hundreds of picture-word puzzles, each with a clear and well-constructed image representing each word. True to Hoyt’s style, there are clearly challenging moments, but never to the point of all-out frustration. Using the available context clues from the pictures and available letters, most every puzzle can be figured out with a bit of thought. For this reason, earning and saving up tokens for help when you’re really stumped is a simple and forgiving process, which keeps progression through the levels at an even keel.
Word game fans will appreciate Just 2 Words for its ability to function as a challenging puzzle game and mental workout, without bending the mind to the breaking point. This ability to be an entertaining mental diversion makes Just 2 Words a terrific puzzle game. As an added bonus, the available hints and cheats include the ability to show letters, color code letters so you know which letters belong in which word, or get a custom hint from Hoyt. David’s Special Hints are cleverly crafted to point in you in the right direction and are available for the least amount of tokens. Rarely will there be a puzzle that can’t be solved with these hints, so starting with one should be sufficient.
Just 2 Words is free, it’s fun and is integrated with Facebook and Twitter if the proverbial “phone a friend” help is more your style. Just 2 Words may not be an entirely new or unique concept in mobile word games, but it’s the perfect example of this style game done right.

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