Dive into the digital psychedelic experience of Gacha games with Karafuru NFT! These cute and vibrant NFT creatures are the perfect playful and colourful personas. They have caught everyone’s attention thanks to vivid styles and energetic hues through Wede and the Museum of Toys, their creator. The best part is you can own any randomly generated NFT persona through a simple spin!

So what is in store as a Karafuru NFTs holder? Today, we are going to peek through this NFT’s contribution to creating a digital era where your persona is full of vibrancy, fun, and madness! Let us check out the Karafuru NFT roadmap, price predictions, sales values, and how to get your wallet a new persona today!

A Quick Snap Of The Karafuru NFT 

Karafuru NFT items 5,600
Karafuru NFT Owners 3,600
Karafuru NFT Floor price 2.799 ETH
Volume Traded 35,300 ETH


(The above details stand valid as of 28th February 2022)

Introducing: The Fun And Frolic Karafuru NFT!


The Karafuru NFT roadmap
Source: Karafuru.io

Karafuru NFT is all about colours, frolic, madness, all inside Gacha capsules ready to pop out! These 5,555 2D NFTs are by Wede and the Museum of Toys, helping you create cute and unique personas. The Gacha system is a clever play on Gacha toy machines where you can get your NFTs neatly packaged inside capsules just for one spin!

These jazzy Karafuru NFTs come with 12 unique bases and 1 million colours, so when it comes to your favourite designs, your options are endless! Collect them in different playful and whacky personas like Shi’rai, Ikay, Uzachi, Kuyaku, Otan, Ku’Roi, Goji, and 12 cool friends on the digital playground. You can join their active and helpful online communities like Karafuru NFT Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

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Public Sale Dates Of The Karafuru NFT Project

These chaotic yet ever-affable Karafuru NFTs have become every collector’s pride and aim! These NFTs made their way into people’s hearts through a successful pre-sale and a public sale.

According to the official Karafuru Twitter page, the pre-sale took place on 4th February 2022 and continued for 12 hours. The public sale had gone life right after, on 5th February 2022, with the remaining NFTs.

The Hue-Tastic Roadmap Up Ahead For Karafuru NFT


How To Own Your Karufuru NFT

The Karafuru NFT roadmap is full of surprises! It includes 5 amazing acts spread across the next projects to come!

Act 1.0 began with these 2D NFTs or Furus inviting you into their crazy and colourful playground within the blockchain. The project revolves around 12 characters and 1000+trait combinations, alongside 1 million colours for 5,555 NFTs.

As for Act 2, the Karafuru Carnival is full of promises! Do you like the Karafuru friends and their antics? Then get ready for Karafuru real-life events, exciting partnerships, and wearable merchandise from your favourite personas!

Up next comes Act 3. If 2D Furus’ vibrance and friendly art styles caught your attention, get ready for 3D Furus. The 3D Furus Emergence is an ambitious upgrade to the Karafuru project, re-designing the Furus with styles that come alive!

If these projects are exciting, get ready for a multiversal Act! Act 3 + Act 1 (Thrice Upon a Time) is all about the Furus jumping out of the blockchain as real-life physical collectibles!

Since the Karafuru NFT are here to play, expect more craziness to be on board soon.

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The Karafuru NFT Sales Volume & Current Market Analysis 

The Karafuru NFT has loads in store, so here are all you need to know about the prices, sales, and ongoing plans for the friendly personas.

Karafuru NFT Mint Price and Floor Price

The Karafuru NFT floor price on 9th February 2022 is 3.888 ETH. The Karafuru NFT mint price, on the other hand, was 0.2 ETH. These pieces of information are from the Karafuru NFT OpenSea platform and the NFT’s official Twitter page.

Volume of Sales

On 9th February, the volume traded stayed at 14,600 ETH. You can check the Karafuru NFT website from the official platforms for more details on the sales stats!

Karafuru NFT Price Prediction 2022

Going by the Karafuru NFT drop rates and people’s enthusiasm, it is safe to say that the price predictions are on the higher side as the average price is rising and making waves on the blockchain.

How To Own Your Karufuru NFT Persona

If you are mind-storming about how to buy Karafuru NFT, it is quite simple. They are available on OpenSea and are ready for purchase for anyone raving to join the digital playground with their Karafuru NFT!

Enter The Magical Realms Of Karafuru NFT!

Think vibrant, exciting colours, think Karafuru NFT! These adorable and playful critters are ready to be your persona at random and give you a quirky identity on the blockchain. Karafuru NFTs are artistic masterpieces that are redefining cute digital paintings. From wearable merch to collectable 3D figures on the roadmaps, these NFTs are becoming a fan favourite among those who love a wholesome project on the blockchain.

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