Knowsy – Plenty of board games have made the leap to the iPad. Scrabble, Monopoly and other long-time favorites have converted their popular gameplay to the iPad’s multi-touch screen.
Along comes Knowsy. It plays like a board game that has been reimagined for the iPad. Knowsy is played by trying to guess your competitor’s preferences. One player starts out as the VIP. This person must choose a topic among options such as movie genres, elementary subjects, hobbies, toys or colors. Within these categories are more specific subjects that the VIP must rank in order of preference from one through five. The options are all written in playful font on a series of tiles which are slid around the screen until the choices are complete.
Next, another player is presented with those five choices, but instead, they are scattered around the screen. Their mission is to guess the order the VIP ranked them. The more correct answers the higher the score. This process then repeats, with up to six players able to compete at once.
There are a lot of nice touches, such as a tutorial for those who want to read about playing before actually diving in. Also, a ghost-like icon accompanies each user’s name after it has been created. The results page uses a series of icons and trophies to track everybody’s success.
In fact, Knowsy’s only weakness is that after playing the game for a while it can be easy to run out of content. Expanding the available topics would make for a more engaging experience. Hopefully, Knowsy will gain updates over time, making it an even more compelling option.
It is also easy to imagine the social potential from within Knowsy. Many iOS games have embraced sharing scores on social networks or allowing two or more to compete against one another in real-time.
Even with these caveats, it is easy to recommend Knowsy in its current form. It is a solid game that is fun for just about any age – something that can’t be said of many App Store games.