Lane Splitter is a fierce, fly by the seat of your pants arcade game that not only keeps you irratically tense throughout the gameplay, but keeps you coming back for more. And it’s also the reason why you don’t want to be pressed for time for your wedding.
That’s right, the story follows groom to be Jake Melton who has lost track of time and though he’s made mistakes throughout his life, being late to his wedding is not one of them. Hence, the reason you have to zoom through traffic on your speedy red motorbike like a crazed maniac. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun and there are over 3 million downloads of this game to prove it.
Make sure eat your Wheaties and have a Red Bull before you launch Lane Splitter as you’ll need them to maneuver Jake through a fast-paced arcade action game where even Mr. Miyagi would be challenged with intense tight turns you have to make to ensure you survive to see your wedding.
The challenging aspect of this game is the high rate of velocity at which you speed through constantly changing traffic. It gets even more harry when “careless drivers” and “vehicle blind spots” try to ruin your white wedding.
I will say that the game is easy to get the hang of, but ultimately the point of the game is simple and the gameplay is quite difficult as you progress through the arcade iPhone and iPad game that is Lane Splitter.
The app reminds me of my days living in Los Angeles where I almost took out a few motorcycles in my day. After a few close calls I made sure to always be on the look out for them even when I was just sticking to one lane as they would always come out of nowhere.
Fortunately for you, Lane Splitter allows you to drive like a maniac without consequence in a beautifully rendered 3D environment that challenges your driving skills as well as puts your nerves to the limit. For this reason, Lane Splitter is an easy buy especially since it’s iPhone and iPad 2 and classic compatible for only $.99.