Global travelers, especially the flirty kind, will find Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, can help them get along with the locals.
The best place to start with Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook is the Setting icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar. Select your native language and then the language you want to translate to from the list of 42 languages.
The other three icons are Categories, Search and Favorites.
Because Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, is just that–a phrasebook–it’s divided into situations you are likely to encounter when traveling abroad. There are categories for dining, accommodations, how to ask for directions and so on.
Go to Dining, for example, and you see a list of common phrases, “A table for two, please,” and “Can you suggest a nice Bordeaux” and “Can you suggest a nice bordello [not really].”
Despite what you may have heard about love being the universal language, you’ll probably find the several flirting categories useful if you’re looking for love in all wrong places. You be able to say things like, “Can you rub some lotion on my back please?” and “And now on my chest, please.”
Here’s the cool part about Lingopal. Tap the phrase you would like to use and it will open a window with a text and an audio translation. You have at the same time the option to save the phrase as a Favorite or reverse translation.
You do not need an Internet connection to access any language, so no worries about having to wait for something to download. Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, from developer Lingo Holdings, contains the world’s most common languages such as English, French and Italian, as well as some you might use rarely such as Estonian, Tagalog and Afrikaans.