Locavore – We live at a time that allows us to purchase most fruits and vegetables all year long. Through the use of mass-transportation, chemicals, and warehouses, produce grown half way around the world is often picked green, shipped and ripened in warehouses under questionable conditions. Because of the environmental and nutritious impact of this food system, some have made a conscious decisions to select only locally grown produce.
When standing on the produce isle of our local market how are we assured that our desired choice is in season and grown locally? By consulting the Locavore iPhone app by Buster McLeod.
A Locavore is someone who eats food grown or produced locally or within a certain radius such as 50, 100, or 150 miles. ~ Wikipedia
Locavore identifies your current location and presents you with a list of produce. The list will show you, which produce is currently in season, when the season will end, and what produce will be available soon.
Locavore is a very sharp looking app that has many additional useful features such as listings of local farmers markets, links to recipes on Wikipedia and Epicurius.com, and a browse by food category.
Of all the additional features, the farmer’s market feature gets my vote. Locavore lists a large number of local markets, including days and times, many more than I was even aware of. For Locavores, shopping at farmers markets are a must, you’re able deal directly with the grower, invited to ask questions and can find out when your produce was picked. You are assured that your food was grown locally.
Locavore is a very good iPhone app. If I had any issue with Locavore it was that it crashed once and had to be restarted. But that said, once was negligible compared to the number of times I used it. The Locavore iPhone app is a great addition to every Locavores iPhone pantry.