I recently read a line in Kevin Mitnick’s “The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security” about how we are our own worst security and that basically we trust everyone too much. Leaving a door unlocked when running to the store, storing passwords on Post-It notes and believing in the better good of people. So naturally, when I was asked to check out LogMote, a free utility app that turns your iOS device into a remote password manager for your PC, I was intrigued. More importantly, I was interested in learning just how safe it was to compile all the goods into one place … your iPhone.
The LogMote website promises to store your most prized login and password combos with its “patented revolutionary way” to manage this info securely so you can navigate your favorite websites faster. In short, LogMote seems fairly legit. The power is in your hands since even if you loose your iPhone and some criminal hacker picks it up they’re going to have one heck of a time accessing your info. This is because your iPhone is linked to your desktop or laptop. It’s a unique connection and without it, it’s useless. Just to show you how much I trust LogMote, I added my personal PayPal information, which has access to my bank account. Yikes.
If you find yourself typing in passwords daily, LogMote is the essential safe and secure account info saver for easy access to any of your most trusted Websites. Seriously, it’s awesome.
The only hiccup I had was trying to install the LogMote Desktop Plugin, but found that the backup LogMote Browser Extension worked just fine and I was up and running within seconds. You literally only have to add you email into the app if you want to. Then an activation email is sent and after you download the plugin or extension you’re presented with a unique QR code — this must be where the patent comes in — on your desktop that you scan with your phone and that’s how you pair your two screens and let LogMote know that you are you and voila. Really, it’s that simple.

How LogMote Works

So what about worst case scenario? You leave your iPhone powered on next to your laptop at a cafe and while you’re ordering another latte, your devices are jacked and Mr. Hacker now has control of your goods. Well, if you’ve closed LogMote, then you’re good to go since you have to set a second tier of security via a swipe gesture, color configuration or alphanumeric combo. But what if you didn’t close the app? Well, there’s a built-in idle detection that automatically requires you to log back in. But what if they stole your stuff right as you got up? In that case, maybe you should find another coffee shop since yours seems a bit shady.
For those who have multiple login transactions per day, LogMote is an excellent option to keep you productive without the hassle of manually entering your info several times per day. It’s also a great way to prevent keylogging and phishing threats. There is also a premium backup version ranging from $1.99 for three months to $11.99 for life that gets rid of ads and allows you to backup all of your login and password info via LogMote’s secure servers. It also offers remote computer lock.