Meta Eagle Club NFT is the first installation, the first door to Gal Yosef’s Metaverse, the Galyverse. The Meta Eagle Club NFT is a collection of 12,000 NFTs that are Avatars in the Galyverse. With major success in the 2021 turn of events, with Crypto Bulls Society, the Meta Eagle Club by Gal Yosef is an exclusive, flight-themed Metaversal Project that encapsulates all of Gal Yosef’s talent, and imagination, within the borders of an NFT. These NFTs reside on the Ethereum Blockchain and are also regarded as the Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFT.

This article covers every feather, the height reached, and the social goodwill spread by the Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFT. Being an Apex in the NFT food chain, the Meta Eagle Club NFT has seen big numbers, the article demystifies those too! Read along to know more!

A Brief Overview Of The Meta Eagle Club By Gal Yosef

Meta Eagle Club NFT items 12,000
Owners 6,900
Meta Eagle Club NFT Floor price 0.52 ETH
Volume Traded 2,200 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 11th February 2022)

The Galyverse Explained: What Purpose Do The Eagles Serve?

The Meta Eagle Club by Gal Yosef, as the name suggests, strives towards grasping the Metaverse-positive audience, puts the Eagle with its fascinating attention to detail in the Gal Yosef design, and eventually wraps it up by creating a sense of exclusivity with the Club status. Every Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFT is an Eagle in its grand glory, and stupefying story, because every design from the 12,000 NFTs is inspired by Pop culture. With formal nods to characters like Iron Man, Hellboy, and many more.

Meta Eagle Club NFT By Gal Yosef

The Meta Eagle Club by Gal Yosef is a club unlike any other, a club that fosters members that are passionate about the idea of flying. In the roadmap section, we shall see all the plans they have to induce flying as a measure of confidence and bonding for the community. Trying to reach as many people as they can, the Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFT team only allows 2 Meta Eagle Club NFTs per holder.

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Meta Eagle Club NFT Timeline: When Did The Eagles Land On The Blockchain? 


On February 7th, 66% of all Meta Eagle Club NFTs, i.e. 8,000 of them, went live as the Pre-sale started. The following were the terms for holders to make the whitelist for the Pre-sale:

  • Ones making their way to the Meta Eagle Club NFT Discord server.
  • Special raffle for the Crypto Bull Society holders.
  • Giveaways on the Meta Eagle Club Twitter page.

The very next day, on February 8th, a raffle began for the public sale. Ones selected in the raffle were allowed to Mint on February 9th, where 4,000 Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFTs were sold.

The Meta Eagle Club NFT Roadmap, Or In This Case, The Airmap


The Roadmap for the Meta Eagle Club NFT puts meaning to the word Airmap. Their Roadmap balances between their goals and activities planned for the community. As of February 11th, the roadmap caters to audiences of different fandoms.

The very first goal they have, post they make a bit of revenue, is to donate 100,000 USD to a fund for the protection of Eagles, thus adding a social element, and that too, at the very beginning of their roadmap.

Gal Yosef is an artist popular for physical art and thus tries to intersect the NFT and physical realm, by providing the holders of the Meta Eagle Club NFT with his physical art pieces over the years.

Events are one thing that most NFT projects offer in their roadmap, what makes Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFT different is that they also offer first/business class tickets to reach the event. Thus catering to the Flight theme.

The NFT also grants access to events and concerts where various artists can participate. And as for making it to these events, several airways are to be provided soon, by the team, them being:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Private jets
  • Helicopter flights

And if that wasn’t enough, then shedding the vessel is also a part of the plan, by introducing skydiving jumps for the members. And later in 2022, Meta Eagle Club NFT ‘air’-drops shall also be utilized.
Last but not the least, the Galyverse Metaverse is in production and many artist meetups and events are to take place there. More details about the dates for these events shall be announced on the Meta Eagle Club Discord channel.

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Meta Eagle Club NFT Sales, Statistics, And Everything In Between


How to buy Meta Eagle Club NFT

The Current Price Vs The Mint Price
As of February 11th, 2022, 2 days after its public sale on February 9th, the Meta Eagle Club NFT Floor Price is 0.52 ETH. And on the day of the launch, the Meta Eagle Club NFT Mint Price was set at 0.35 ETH (+ gas fees).

The total volume traded since launch
As seen on the Meta Eagle Club OpenSea page, the Project is still in its young stages of launch, the Club made its total sale of 2,200 ETH. The daily average price since 2 days of launch has been 0.6 ETH. The number of sales has been in a frenzy since its launch and is ranging from 200 to even 1000 NFTs at once.

The Meta Eagle Club NFT Timeline  Price Prediction Analysis for the NFT

The Meta Eagle Club NFT Price Prediction states that it shall swiftly rise much like eagles in the sky. In two days of launch, as of February 11th, the price is almost double the Mint Price and this is just the beginning. Since more physical art pieces, and more jovially, its Metaverse is in development, it is bound to drive the price up.

How You Can Become A Member Of This Club

To answer the question of how to buy Meta Eagle Club NFTs, it’s easy, it’s officially listed on the OpenSea page, and you can be redirected to it from their official website. Since one wallet has access to 2 Meta Eagle Club Galyverse NFTs only, it is verified from the OpenSea platform itself.

The Meta Eagle Club NFT Project has stellar value and is one of the most beautifully designed NFTs on the market as of 11th Feb. This is Gal Yosef’s second coming in the NFT space and he was ceremonially welcomed on Twitter. With the flight puns, and references, the Project offers great meaning in its Roadmap, and thus, shows some massive potential.

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