Using a tried and tested formula derived from it’s online Flash mini putt brethren, Mini Touch Golf, from developer, is the little golf game that could – and does. It successfully brings the addictive feel of the online time-wasting putting greens of yesteryear to an entirely new platform, all the while adding the element of touch controls to the mix, providing the player with a better feel for their shot.
Mini Touch Golf offers quick-paced, fun gameplay through eighteen holes, each designed to be both appealing and challenging. Different themed holes, like the haunted house at hole 4 and the windmill at hole 7, are peppered throughout the wide variety of similar-looking ones, each providing new fun and each requiring more creativity to complete than the last.
Unfortunately, no game is perfect, and Mini Touch Golf has its flaws, albeit easily addressable ones. First off, a multiplayer mode would be greatly appreciated, whether on one iPhone or over wifi with two of them. Secondly, there’s a time and a place for everything, except for that in-game music. There isn’t a single time or place in the world where that should be considered bearable, let alone enjoyable.
Overall, Mini Touch Golf really takes the best elements of its flash game relatives and pushes them even further with the addition of the touch-controlled aim. Mini Touch Golf is great fun and you should definitely give it a try. Plus, at $1.99, it’s cheaper than a round mini-golf at the local fun center.