Touch Screen Stylus Pen – If, like me, your biggest gripe with iPhone and iPod touch is the tedious process of touch-to-type on a tiny keyboard, check out Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen. This nifty little gadget is tipped with a soft, rubber-like product specifically designed to work with touch screens. I personally couldn’t wait to give it a try and now I’m just hoping and praying I don’t lose it.
Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen is designed for typing on the iPhone and touch keyboard, not for gaming. That’s not to say there isn’t a game out there that it wouldn’t work out for, it just isn’t meant for swiping, only tapping. So if you’re thinking your iPod touch can act like a Nintendo DS, stop. However, if you’re thinking you can compose quicker emails and jot down quicker notes in your note and to-do-list applications, then you’re right on target.
The tip of Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen is about ½ the size of the tip of my finger tip and is the perfect size for the keys of the standard iPhone/touch keyboard. The soft tip doesn’t scratch the screen and it also helps minimize fingerprints and smudges. The touch screen does recognize the touch, but it requires pretty firm contact. That’s not to say that you have to jab the keys forcefully, but a light tap does not always prompt the device. It certainly helps though if you have a clean screen to start with. Regardless, once you get the hang of it, typing is indeed faster and more accurate – at least it is for me.
If you use your device purely for games and mobile entertainment, Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen isn’t gong to do you a whole lot of good. But for those of us who use their device for storing info, sending email, organizing lists, social networking, or other applications that require data input, this iPhone stylus is oh-so-handy. What I need to do now is find a case that the side clip of the pen will slip over or a case that has a pen pocket.
If you need to do more swiping than tapping take a look at the Pogo Stylus from Ten One Design, which reviewed last year.

  • Maker: Mobi Products
  • Model: Touch Screen Stylus Pen
  • Price: $19.95
  • Buy the Mobie Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen

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