Being social is getting harder these days. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I find myself in a never-ending vicious cycle of checking on friends’ activities. One app that is making it easier to check in on all of that online activity in one place is Now, it’s not a content generator, rather it’s more of a reader of sorts, but an excellent one at that.
The fun of is seeing all of the action happening in your feed. At first, you won’t see much there, even though the app looks back at your previous moments, which are your social shares of posts, pics and tweets. Once you start sharing posts and uploading content you’ll notice that the feed will fill up fast. It’s very nicely displayed in a snapshot view that shows the amount of tweets, people talking about it and photos involved. This is the reader portion of the app and it’s executed beautifully. Easy to view and navigate.
When you tap on a moment you’re brought to the dialed in view of the content where you’re able to “heart” a.k.a. “like” the shared content. From there, you can also share the item to your own timeline on Facebook or Twitter. The app provides a neat way to interact and share content. also has a trending section where you can view the most popular moments such as the recent San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals game. Even though I didn’t go to the game, I was able to live in the moment and relive some of the action that went down. Everything from seeing a picture of the rain delay to viewing a tweet about how cold it was. I could almost taste the peanuts.
Another trending moment was some sort of music festival. It had all the makings of Burning Man, but there were signs in a different language. I was provided with a firsthand account of some of the most amazing concert images I’ve seen in a long time. Photos of performers, colorful tattoos and friends having a great time filled the moment. I wish I was there. I did find one image that had the name Lunacidal on it, which upon further research led me to an event that happened around October 20 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
For the pure discovery aspect of, I highly recommend downloading the free app and giving it a try, but be prepared to experience some of the most interesting moments from around the world.