Most Wanted – Ever since 1988, if I’m home on a Saturday night I’m tracking criminals with America’s Most Wanted. Watching reenactments of crimes, paying close attention to the age enhanced photos and listening to John Walsh describe the details of deviant behavior. For those that hate crime and the people that commit them, what could be better than a show providing information of wanted fugitives and missing children?
The ability to have that plethora of information with you at all times.
The Most Wanted iPhone app by NIC is just the app AMW junkies could have ever wished for. Most Wanted is a straightforward app with no bells or whistles supplying only what Sgt Joe Friday ever wanted “Just the facts.”
The Most Wanted app has four categories,

  • Top Ten Most Wanted
  • Most Wanted Terrorists
  • Missing Kids
  • About

Each fugitive or missing child is identified by name, picture and description. Additionally, background information of the events that led to them being listed in the database is also provided. Links to provide a tip directly to the FBI and to each fugitive or missing child’s official FBI page are available..
The About page indicates that NIC, the company behind Most Wanted is the leading provider of outsourced eGovernment portals. They build and manage official government websites throughout the U.S.
Next time you’re out and get that uneasy feeling that something about the person across from you just doesn’t feel right. You’ll have your Most Wanted app and possibly be able to determine if you’re in the presence of evil. You might even locate a missing child.
The Most Wanted app is the perfect addition to the iPhone for anyone that is into shows like America’s Most Wanted or has a passion for locating those that need to be found.