Ever wonder what your kids would look like with dad’s beard or grandpa’s bald head? How about wondering what you’d look like with short hair or someone else’s eyes? A true fun-with-photos experience, MugMash! is an app you may have missed that essentially lets you do all these things.
MugMash! provides users with the chance to swap parts of photos (specifically mug shots) to create funny images blended from various captured photos. MugMash! lets you store multiple images and then mix them up by swapping out the top, middle or lower third until you create the perfect combination. Take new photos or use ones stored in your photo library by tapping “manage mugs” and then use the editing tool to resize and move selected images to align each segment.
MugMash! is an entertaining photo app that can be used for a good laugh, to entertain the kids, and maybe even make you fun at parties. It’s easy to navigate and easy to mix up photos and in the end, you can save photos or share them on Facebook. While ultimately the idea is to mix up people’s faces, swapping hair, eyes, and mouths around, you can actually get as creative as you want. It’s simple to incorporate images of your cat, the neighbor’s dog, or simply import any celebrity photo saved to your library.
When capturing new images within MugMash! an onscreen guide appears to help you center and fill the photo, but a built in editing tool will allow you to stretch or shrink images to fit with each other. The editing tool is a great addition, but it isn’t seamless as you can only be in editing mode with selected images and will need to toggle back and forth between all saved images and selected ones to continuing mixing and editing. Still, navigation is simple and the overall effects are entertaining.
MugMash! is a fun picture app based on a comical idea and supported by a solid, friendly user interface and no bells or whistles to clutter things up. Building up a collection of mugs will provide even more ridiculous options, all viewable by simply swiping through each one. For the price, MugMash! is a good option for iPhone camera enthusiasts with a sense of humor and anyone who enjoys a good laugh.