I recently upgraded to Pandora One because I’m what they (in the biz) would call a power user and because of it had to sit through a barrage of ads. Rightly so, since Pandora pays for every song played no matter if you’re a paying customer or not. While it’s nice not having ads, I’m in a bit of buyer’s remorse since diving into my Music Tubee review. First off, it’s a free YouTube music player and secondly, there are no ads save for a few banner ads. Free music? No audio ads?
I thought it was too good to be true too, but Music Tubee is as its iTunes description says it is … free access to the Top 100 Charts of each country. Furthermore, you get a very useful feature set such as sorting by genre, shuffling, looping, skipping, 10 second rewind and more. The only catch was that continuous play only allows for three videos at a time and bit rates aren’t guaranteed to be high quality. Two very minor drawbacks to an overly useful music app.
When you open Music Tubee on your iPhone or iPad you’re presented with the ability to choose your country. I chose Argentina due to my fascination with the beautiful country, of which, I spent a month traversing. B.A. was awesome, but Cordoba was where it was at. So being able to listen to some of the top Tango from the region brought me back to the best Malbec and vaca you’ve ever had.
In addition, the ability to sift through by artist is quite handy in making Music Tubee work for you. You don’t have to listen to the top 100 if you don’t want to. Just click over to the artists tab, search, click and then you’re presented with a slathering of the artist’s top hits. I flipped through some of AC/DC’s hits, randomly listened to “Ma Sheri” from Lady Aisha and then dove into a few choice licks from Amadeus Quartet as played by the University of Central Arkansas in its String Chamber Music Recital. The fact that I’m not constrained to what the app wants me to listen to versus what I want to listen to is very refreshing. Especially, since sometimes I shake my iPhone in rage over Pandora’s “play the same song every other song just because you hit the like button strategy.”
As Nietzsche put it, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” And make no mistake, Music Tubee is worth the download to stream your favorite music without the cost of a digital music subscription.

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