If you’re the type who lives life with a custom soundtrack of personalized playlists, streaming music over the cloud is the best thing since the iPod put 5,000 songs in your pocket. As any music lover can attest, once your collection is over a few gigs of data, it becomes impossible to store on your mobile device. Life becomes a daily jumble of playlists and sorting in order to make sure you have the right songs with you at all times.
MyMusicCloud is a cloud-streaming service that promises to make life easier — and more audio-friendly — by syncing your music collection so it’s always available no matter which device you happen to be using at the time.
Really. Any device. The feature that differentiates MyMusicCloud from services like Apple’s iCloud, Google Music or Amazon’s Cloud Player is that MyMusicCloud is cross-compatible. It works with Macs, PCs, iPhone, iPad as well as mobile devices using Android, BlackBerry and Ovi.
In a few short steps, you can send your music collection to the cloud and listen to it from just about anywhere. Once your devices are synced, offline mode will even make your music available when you can’t access the cloud.

How MyMusicCloud Works

Sign up for an account at MyMusicCloud.com.The iPhone app is available through the App Store, or once you’ve installed the desktop software you can send a download link directly to your iPhone. Either way, getting started is easy.
After installation, it’s simply a matter of uploading your music. You can send your music to the remote server in one of several different ways. You can automatically sync with iTunes, manually choose folders on your computer or sync music files from your Dropbox account. Interfaces for the iPhone app and the computer are intuitive and easy to use.

Feature-Packed Music Service

There are a ton of features packed into MyMusicCloud. In addition to seamless music streaming from multiple devices, additional features include:

  • Song Lyrics – Instantly access lyrics to songs in your collection through the iPhone app.
  • Ringtone Creator – Create ringtones from songs in your collection with the handy ringtone cropping tool.
  • Facebook Integration – When setting up an account, you can speed up the process by signing in with Facebook. The app can be integrated with Facebook, which allows you to share your music with friends.
  • Offline Listening – You don’t have to be online to listen to your synced music.
  • Pick Up a Paused Song on a Different Device – If you start listening to a song on your computer and have to leave, you can pick up right where you left off on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.
  • Playlists – You can create playlists and portable queues with ease.
  • Buy New Music – There are more than 11 million songs in the MyMusicCloud library, and they cost as little as 19 cents per song.

Do You Need MyMusicCloud?

The main advantages of the MyMusicCloud iPhone app is that it’s easy to use and allows you to enjoy your music across several devices without a lot of effort. The more devices you have, the more you’ll appreciate being able to keep your collection synced and available. The song lyrics feature and ringtone creator are nice perks too. There’s plenty of storage too. You get 2GB for free, and you can upgrade to 5GB for just $10 per year.
The biggest drawback of MyMusicCloud is that it’s really complicated to delete songs from the cloud. There’s no way to delete in bulk; you have to delete each song one by one. Another possible drawback is that it doesn’t arrange your song files precisely how they are on your computer. If you have a really large music collection, be prepared to spend some time getting things organized.
Basically, anyone who loves music and is on the go a lot will enjoy MyMusicCloud. Whether you opt for the free service or upgrade to get more storage, it’s a worthwhile option to consider. This clever service does precisely what it is designed to do.