I am always arguing about music with my wife. We argue about the name of a certain song, the artist, what year it came it. We argue over who was the better boy-band: ‘N Sync or the Backstreet Boys (I’m a Chris Kirkpatrick man myself). In short, we argue about anything that is even remotely related to music.
That is why I was ecstatic to try out the new iOS app Name That Jam! by the developers at MakeGamesWithUs.com.
Name That Jam! is a music game much like Name That Tune that challenges players to listen to a song snippet and identify the title as quickly as possible. The game pits you against an opponent and has you take turns guessing random songs that are pulled from iTunes—which is a great feature, because Name That Jam! essentially give you limitless game play.
The app will let you play with friends, which you can find by connecting to Facebook, or with a user chosen at random. I, of course, chose to face-off in a Name That Jam! grudge match against my wife, and prove once and for all who has the most musical knowledge in our marriage.
Here is a list of highlighted features that make Name That Jam! more fun:

  • it takes music directly from iTunes
  • you can play against friends or random user
  • the game connects to Facebook
  • chat with friends within the app
  • you can play multiple games at once

Name That Jam! is a simple concept with lots of entertainment value. There are a few similar music apps on the market, but Name That Jam’s ability to chat with friends is a feature that other apps don\’t have and really separates it from competing trivia games.
Name That Jam! is a solid app. I love games that let you connect with friends and family through gameplay. It even got my wife and me to stop arguing over music for a while—that is until she beat me in our Name That Jam! grudge match. (I’d make her sleep on the couch tonight, it I actually had the ability to do that.)
Name That Jam! is a fun iOS game for music lovers looking to explore the limitless iTunes library. Just don’t play against your spouse, or one of you may end up sleeping on the couch.

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