Election season is upon us once again. This means primaries, debates, and all the political coverage you can handle. As people on the go, we often don’t have time to watch the news and our Twitter feed may move too fast for us to follow the highlights. The good news is that there’s an app for the political junkies out there! NBC Politics is an app that delivers NBC’s political ccoverage right to your fingertips! You can stay up to date on the latest election news anytime, anywhere with NBC Politics.
When you open up the NBC Politics app on your iPhone or iPad, you will first be greeted by the Latest News, which includes articles, videos, and live election results when relevant. The app is interactive and flows in a way that makes it easy to swiftly read up on the latest election news without jumping through too many hoops. The list of articles under Latest News includes the title of the article with a time-stamp underneath. If you’ve already clicked on a particular article, you will see a “First Read” date and time stamp to remind you which articles you’ve already read.
In-Depth Information
The NBC Politics app also provides its users with a Tip Sheet, a daily round-up of the day’s most memorable, must-know moments and headlines. The Tip Sheet includes memorable quotes from the day with “Who said that”, an important snap shot of the day with “Picture this”, an important news clip with “Must-see TV”, and “Number of the Day” which offers unique insight into one of the day’s top stories.
Want to know more about the candidates in this year’s race? NBC Politics gives you details about each Presidential candidate through in-depth profiles, as well as the latest headlines related to each candidate.
If you’re a true political junkie and pencil in upcoming events in the political race on your own personal calendar, NBC Politics has you covered with the Upcoming Events list that highlights key upcoming moments such as state primaries, conventions, and debates.
Love to share your favorite articles with your social networks? Who are we kidding, of course you do! One-click with the NBC Politics app and you can share articles on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow the NBC Politics Twitter account for the latest updates and exclusive reports from NBC News Journalists on the campaign trail.
Interactive Politics
My absolute favorite part of the NBC Politics app is in its iPad version: the interactive Battleground Map. How do different state election outcomes add up to 270 electoral votes needed for victory? NBC Politics’ interactive Battleground Map will give political junkies and analysts tools to test potential electoral votes outcomes. Users can test out different scenarios, play along with NBC News political experts and create personalized outcomes with the chance to see their map on-air or online.
It’s OK to admit it — that’s pretty awesome and you can feel free to geek out when you download the NBC Politics app to your iPad. We won’t judge you.