Looking to buy Art Blocks Curated NFTS? We have covered the latest stats for Art Blocks Curated, Sales Statistics for August and Price.

Art Blocks Curated is a popular platform that runs Ethereum based Generative Arts projects via an algorithm. Through their ‘Art Blocks Curated’ collection, they display carefully curated exquisite art pieces from renowned artists, comprising technical innovation with high aesthetical value.

Established in November 2020, Art Block Curated has a distinct vision for generative art. They promote eminently as well as new artists to create digital art content that illustrates their vision. Through the ‘Art Blocks Curated’ Collection, they offer extensively assorted plain images or interactive 3D models. Data from research firm CryptoSlam reveals that within a short time, the trading volume of Art Blocks has reached $ 469 million in August 2021.  

Whopping Sales Figures Of Art Blocks Curated 

Secondary market sales of NFTs is catching mainstream attention like never before. Also, recent news such as ‘Global Payment firm Visa has invested in top NFT project CryptoPunks’, and ‘Vogue Magazine has released NFT’ cover is boosting the market sentiments. 

Coming to Art Blocks, one can see the unprecedented response to their collection. Out of the Art Blocks Curated collection, 12920 art block NFTs have been sold in the month of August 2021. The data dashboard of Art Blocks reveals startling trading figures.  

Art Blocks Curated # visit their official page at artblocks.io

Data from 22 -29 August 2021, shows that the art Blocks Curated NFT series has been sold 2899 times with a net sales volume of $146.03. The average price for one NFT was $50.4k. The cheapest NFT sold was below $3277 and the highest was for over $49.5k.The median price was $12.1k.

In the last 30 days, the cheapest from Art Blocks Curated NFT sales were below $3277, and the highest sales were for over $49.5k. The median price for an Art Blocks Curated NFT was $12.1k in the last 30 days.

  • Art Blocks sold Ringers #879 for $5.8 million creating records in the NFT market.   
  • Crypto investment firm ‘Three Arrow Capital’ purchased it at a record break deal.

Recently, Art Blocks Curative collection has grabbed the eyeballs from NFT markets for selling Ringers #879, an NFT art piece for around $5.8 million. The deal has been cracked at a never before price creating history as the most expensive piece ever sold in the NFT market.

Ringers #879 has been sold on OpenSea NFT marketing platform via secondary market transaction for 1800 ETH i.e. worth of approx. $5.8 million.

Ringers #879 has been purchased by a Singapore based firm Three Arrows Capital which is majorly is into crypto investment. This deal adds to their Tylor Hobbs collection of 10 NFTs purchased last year for around 320 ETH (@ 1 million each).

With this deal, Art Blocks has broken the previous sales records of NFT Fidenza #313 released by artist Tyler Hobbs, sold for 1000 ETH. 

Ringers #879  # Ringers Series From Art Block Curated # Top Sales # August 2021 

Ringers #879
“ Ringers #879 ” has been created by eminent artist Dmitri Cherniak and was minted on the Art Blocks platform seven months ago. Ringers #879 belongs to the Art Blocks Official ‘Curated Collection’ which includes selective art pieces curated by their eminent Board members. 

Ringers #879 is available with feature variations in sizing, peg count, layout wraps up orientation and colourful flourishes for good measures. 

Dmitri Cherniak released the Ringers series seven months ago in January 2021. After the record break sale of his art piece on August 27, he expressed his enthusiasm on Twitter as “Nice day at the Jpeg factory.” 
Zhu Su, Head of Three Arrow Capital is equally excited about this deal. On August 27, he tweeted:
Thesis: We like the goose https://twitter.com/zhusu/status/1431249388869873666?s=20 

Where One Can Buy Art Blocks Curated Series?

After a boom in sports and gaming NFT collectables, the space for Art collectables has been occupied by Art Blocks. One can purchase any of the pieces from Art Blocks Curated Series at NFT market platform OpenSea where it offers 37.2k pieces for sale.
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It consists of interactive live generative art pieces under Chromie Squiggles, Ignition, Dynamic Slices, Unigrids HyperHash and Spectron series among others. 
When an artist uploads his/her artwork on the market platform, he/she actually transfers control of the output. So when a buyer purchases any art piece, the artist actually generates that particular piece of art for the buyer. Every single NFT outcome is unique and represents the ownership of that genuine piece. 

How To Buy The Ringers #879

One has to open an account with the OpenSea and a crypto wallet such as MetaMask has to be linked to it. Exploring the OpenSea, one can navigate to Ringers #879 page and can quote on the ‘Make offer’ option. 


Art Blocks Curated has been gaining tremendous popularity and swollen market stats so much so that Erick Calderon CEO of Art Blocks has to find ways to slow down the pace. Instant success is a bit terrifying for him but he is enjoying it as well.

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