The Crypto space witnessed several notable partnerships over the past few months. The latest to join the race to issue, use and buy NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens is a new luxury hotel in Venice.

Ca’ di Dio, a new 66-room hotel designed by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola will officially launch services for guests on August 27th. But VRetreats, the parent company of the hotel is auctioning off a night’s stay in advance where one lucky guest can enjoy the hotel to themselves for the night of August 19th. As NFTs continue to become more widespread, Ca’ di Dio is offering this exclusive opportunity for reservation via the new trendy asset class NFT.
Bid Online With NFT To Get A Stay In This Luxury Hotel
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The hotel is situated at the doorway to the city’s contemporary art district – the Arsenale area. The reconstruction and modification of Ca’ di Dio by Patricia Urquiola started in the year 2019.

The hotel name Ca’ di Dio signifies “house of God” and it is the fourth hotel to open under the brand name of VRetreats. VRetreats brand is the subsidiary of VOIhotels, which belongs to Italy’s largest travel and tourism service provider Alpitour.

Ca’ di Dio is launching the digital collectables in this auction as an advantage from the distribution point of view, not just from the marketing point of view, said Angelo La Riccia, commercial director of VRetreats and VOIhotel about the new move.

World’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs -OpenSea will oversee Ca’di Dio’s international auction. People can log on to or to participate in the auction. The bid will begin on Monday, August 16 at 6 am ET. The opening bid is US$250. The bidder who places the top bid will get the entire hotel for the August 19 night with no other guests at the property.

He/she can stay in a room at the hotel for a night for two or three guests. Private transmit in the boat to the hotel and dinner on the rooftop of the Ca’ di Dio is included in this stay offer.

The historical building of Ca’ di Dio is created by Jacopo Sansovino. The building is a reconstruction of a palatial building first designed in 1272. In the hotel building, 57 suites and nine other guest rooms are arranged on three floors. Among these, guests who are staying in the ten suites can enjoy the views of the lagoon and San Giorgio Maggiore, while two suites will offer the view of the San Marco Basin. The hotel lobby is decorated with Chandeliers from the LP Glass Factory.

From 2021, March, NFTs have exploded vast reach and these digital assets have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Top companies, film stars, and sports stars have welcomed the NFT shift and issued or bought NFTs. Ca’di Dio is the first Venetian luxury hotel to allow a reservation using non-fungible tokens. NFTs were initially used for the tokenisation of artwork and digital collectibles mostly, but now people are increasingly exploring its uses in other cases too like in-game assets, music files, and domain names among others. Magazines like Fortune, Time Magazine, CNN, and the New York Times also are out to get a slice of the NFT auctions. Fortune magazine marked its entry into the NFT space by unveiling a crypto-themed issue designed by popular graphic artist pplpleasr.

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