Looking for CryptoZoo  NFTs? Find out the statistics, where to buy etc. of the CryptoZoo.co NFTs from here. CryptoZoo.co is a game where you can hatch a random NFT from a “Base Egg” and cross breed them with other similar digital assets to create a new NFT.

All the hybrid animals in Crypto Zoo NFTs are categorized into different rarities based upon their aesthetics. Consequently, the more rare a CryptoZoo.co NFT, the more valuable it is. With over 31.3k followers on Instagram, around 22.5K followers on Twitter, and more than 1,700 active members on telegram, CryptoZoo.co NFTs quickly gained a community of users who are eager to purchase these hybrid digital assets.

In today’s Crypto Zoo NFTs review you can have a closer look at its content, statistics, where to buy, and much more. 

What Is Crypto Zoo NFTs 

CryptoZoo.co NFTs
CryptoZoo is a game where you can collect, breed or trade hybrid animal-related NFTs on the blockchain. With an open-sourced SDK, CryptoZoo enables the community developers to further build the ecosystem. Apart from the game, CryptoZoo also allows you to earn $ZOO tokens. The amount of tokens received is depended upon the rarity of a specific NFT.

The game is quickly gaining popularity due to the constant gamification, effective yield mechanics and low entry barriers. $ZOO is required for performing transactions such as purchasing eggs or animals. There were over 300 unique animal hybrids during the first generation of smart contracts.

All CryptoZoo NFTs contain high-quality conceptual rendering along with blockchain level security. The first generation Base Egg sale enables you to play the game by hatching hybrid animals and earning yield on them in the form of $Zoo tokens. 

Currently, on the CryptoZoo website, there is an update for the “Genesis Smart Contract”. The update includes contract pause, ZOO holders snapshot, deploying ETH bridge and airdrop. 

CryptoZoo.co NFTsSales Statistics 

CryptoZoo.co NFTs Sales Statistics

Current Selling Price 

Currently, the selling price of a CryptoZoo.co NFT ranges from around $388 to $2106, but there are others that are sold for a lot more. Moreover, out of the total CryptoZoo.co sales, 10% were for $388 or less, half were for less than $395, and the top ten per cent were for $2106 or more.  

Currently, one CryptoZoo.co NFT average price is about $1.1k. To add further, the highest priced CryptoZoo.co NFT called “225” was sold for $86.3k on September 5, 2021. 

Volume Of The Sales: September 2021 

In the first week of September 2021, the CryptoZoo.co NFTs were sold about 7,381 times. Also, CryptoZoo.co total sales volume was $8.23M. 

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Where To Buy CryptoZoo.co NFTs

The sale of the first generation of CryptoZoo.co base eggs started on September 4, 2021, at 7:30p EST on http://CryptoZoo.Co as well as the OpenSea platform. There was a 5-hour countdown timer on the CryptoZoo.Co website prior to the sale. The NFTs/eggs were placed on Ethereum, eggsale.CryptoZoo.Co and the Binance Smart Chain with a limit of 3 eggs per user.
Where To Buy CryptoZoo.co NFTs
Out of the total 10,000 eggs, the first 5000 were sold on OpenSea and the rest 5000 to 9999 on http://CryptoZoo.Co. The price of minting an NFT at OpenSea was 0.1 Eth. Furthermore, by using $Zoo tokens you could have also got a 10% discount on the pre-sale of Base Egg.

Currently, there are 4.2K CryptoZoo.co NFT listed at OpenSea and over 1.6K owners. Also, to combat the numerous bots, CryptoZoo.co whitelists all the $ZOO token holders and gives the option to purchase the NFT with “ERC-20 ETH token” at OpenSea.


On September 5, 2021, CryptoZoo ranked at number 7 in terms of total volume on OpenSea. The constant trading of CryptoZoo.co NFTs on the OpenSea platform makes them a valuable digital asset to purchase. Also, within the 1st week of announcing the CryptoZoo, there were about 11,000 new holders, proving the high demand for these NFTs. 

Over the past week, the value of a single CryptoZoo.co NFT rose exponentially on marketplaces. Their unique appearance of hybrid animals makes them a popular and worthy NFT to purchase for trading. Become a regular community member to get the latest news, open-source tooling, updates, blogs or simply interact with other users. You can also get the chance of winning a pre-sale slot and other CryptoZoo.co rewards. There are numerous unhatched “base eggs” available on the OpenSean marketplace which you can still purchase and start collecting.

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