Dotdotdots NFTs are really shaking up the NFT markets. Their increasing demand and high bids have been getting more and more people interested in buying them. This can be attributed to the quality of the artwork and the creative design that gives it a distinct value among other NFTs.

If you wish to buy a Dotdotdots NFT, they are only available on Before doing so, take time to learn more about Dotdotdots NFT through this article and understand the technical aspects that affect its price. 

A Deeper Look Into Dotdotdots NFT: 

NFT creators prefer maintaining a low profile, and the creators of Dotdotdots have chosen to follow the same ideology. It is very little to no information about its creators on the internet, but there is a small profile bio on that curious investors can read to get a whiff of the token’s background. 

The bio briefly describes the token as a depiction of cultish creatures that are quite strange and live inside the token in solidity. The creatures disguise themselves as decimals found in the code and are barely visible to the human eyes. They are considered as an unknown species, but they are classified as bugs.

A buyer can also mint dotdotdots from the contracts directly. This can be done with the mint function that costs 0.05 ETH. However, the mint function is allowed only 5 times per transaction. 

The first mint will create 4360 dotdotdots, and this number rises with a maximum capacity of 10,000. As the number of dotdotdots increases, the price of the mints increases too. This depends on the market price of Ethereum. 

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Dotdotdots NFT Sales Statistics:

The sudden rise of dotdotdots’ demand has helped it climb up to 5th place among the top-selling NFTs. In the last 7 days, 5,957 dotdotdots tokens were sold, and its valuation reached $18.13 million.

Dotdotdots have been performing well in the market as their average price in the last 7 days stands around $3043. Around 10 percent dotdotdots tokens were sold for the price of $853. Whereas, 90 percent of tokens were sold for $5.3k.

Interestingly, in the last 7 days, 50 percent of tokens were sold for around $2577. The highest price was paid for ‘dotdotdot 3065’ around 4 days ago, as it was purchased for $83.6k. 

Dotdotdots NFTs reached their highest price on August 31st, 2021. Now their demand has reached a saturation point. As of September 4th, 2021 there has been a decline in sales as most of the attractive tokens have been auctioned off. 
The people who purchased dotdotdots NFTs have also invested in the tokens of Dope Wars Loot, Creature World NFT, 0N1 Force, and GEN.ART Membership. 

Current Dotdotdots Selling Price:

Most of the dotdotdots that were purchased in the last 7 days are already up for auction. Even the ‘dotdotdot 3065’ which is currently owned by the user ‘iambatman’ is being auctioned at 100 ETH or $387,665.00. 

Similarly, other tokens with a high selling price include dotdotdot 963 for 1000 ETH or $3,876,650.00, dotdotdot 1537 for 143 ETH or $554,360.95, and dotdotdot 1337 for 65 ETH or $251,982.25. 

Volume Of Dotdotdots Sales:

Speaking of the volume of sales, dotdotdots made the most sales between August 31st, 2021 to September 1st, 2021. However, now their sales have been declining as most of the attractive designs are already sold. 

On the other hand, most of the owners of dotdotdot NFTs that are trying to sell their tokens are not quite getting the price they are looking for. Only the ones with unique designs have the chance of making a profit from their purchase. 

How And Where To Buy Dotdotdots NFTs?

Dotdotdot NFTs can be purchased from Since they don’t have an official website like NBA Top Shot, is the only source to purchase dotdotdot NFT. 
How To Buy Dotdotdots NFTS
To purchase NFTs from, you need to follow the transaction process. First, you need to create an account on the website. You have to enter all the essential details including username, name, email id, etc.

Once your account is created, you will need an Ethereum wallet to pay for the transaction. However, the website also gives you the option to create an Ethereum wallet with Metamask. You can also download the Metamask plugin for your browser to make purchases. 

Metamask also lets you store the NFT tokens that you purchase from the website and sell them when needed. 


The expanding metaverse is bringing a lot of opportunities for digital art creators. Just like dotdotdot, numerous NFTs have reached unpredictable prices and became a turning point for most investors. So if you wish to invest or buy an NFT for your personal collection, you can begin with dotdotdot.

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