The newest kids on the Blockchain, the Flippies NFT Collection are all set to take over the Solana blockchain with their cute and quirky attributes. Think NFT and it is easy to get lost in the wide sea of tokens with similar features and visuals. 
If you are not the one to go for punks, animals, birds, and creepy ghost-like hybrids, these cute flippers can be a great way to get sustained value from your investments.

Based on the Solana Blockchain, you are also assured of straightforward and quick transactions without network congestion and sky-high transaction costs. 

Supported by Artweave, a reliable and robust decentralized data storage tool, the Flippies NFT collection checks all the requisites for a sensible store of value. Whereas NFTs are variegated forms of digital artworks, collectors are advised to proceed with caution after performing all necessary caution and due diligence.

Flip Your Way To Future Dividends With The Flippies NFT Collection: Quirky And Out Of Box Attributes

Flippies NFT Collection

Auto-generated with random combinations of quirky attributes, this Flippies NFT collection is unique with a compilation of 10,000 tokens all distinctive in terms of their aesthetics and visuals. With each feature having a distinguished visual appeal with regards to the colours, hues, and designs, the flippers are poised to become the new favourites for NFT collectors across the world. In all 

  • the Flippies are created from 50 different features.
  • Each one of the tokens from the Flippies NFT collection will be distributed fairly and transparently through Solanium’s first NFT launch campaign. This means that every collector would have the same chance at buying these tokens.
  • With pictorial representations of cute penguins, these artworks are sure to touch a chord with not just animal and bird lovers but also with millennials in general who are sure to love these bright and cheerful illustrations.
  • Since each Flippie is created with a set of random attributes, the ones with rarer features are likely to create greater revenue in the future.
  • The Flippies have unique IDs ranging from #1 to #10,000. The collectors will therefore benefit from the controlled supply.

Here’s How These Flippies NFT Illustrations Are Unlike Any Other:

The NFT space is dotted with art collections ranging from illustrations of animals, birds, and all sorts of hybrids. The flippies NFT just like the real-life counterparts draw inspiration from are a universal symbol of sustainability and optimism. These mild-mannered and chirpy birds populate the coasts of the polar circles in the frigid zones of the Arctic circle and the Antarctic Circles. 

Owing to global warming, induced by unsustainable developmental practices around the world, the polar regions are fast melting away into oblivion. These peaceful and rather friendly birds have emerged as the global symbols of the need for action against climate change.

Created with a plethora of distinctive features such as colourful hats, accessories, clothes, and mouthpieces, these cute and cuddly flippies NFTs are soaring their way to a bright future on the blockchain. Find one that appeals to you and who knows, you may just be able to find one dressed the way you want, even in designer clothes! The rarer the attributes, the rarer your Flippie will be!

A hit with animal lovers and the climate-conscious around the world, the Flippies on Solana are among the few rare gems on the blockchain today that have an inherent meaning. The Flippies NFT launch was a success on the Solana Blockchain and have been absolutely unstoppable ever since.

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The Team And Community Supporting The Flippies NFT Collection: 

Flippies NFTs

Just like the creatures that inspire this unique collection, the community behind the Flippies.Art NFT project is also a close-knit, inclusive, and reciprocating group of developers, illustrators, and enthusiasts. The team has been meeting all the milestones on its roadmap without any delay.

You can also become a part of the thriving Flippies NFT communities on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels to get regular updates regarding the announcements and collaborations with regards to this collection. If you are lucky, you might just be able to get your hands on one of the rare or premium flippies on the NFT Marketplace. Go join the communities quick before your luck runs out!

The Flippies NFT team is comprised of seasoned creators and serial investors thereby ensuring that the NFT mint price remains stable. If. You still have your reservations, check out the complete collection on Solsea along with the Flippies NFT Floor Price to get a clearer idea of what this collection is all about.

Flippies NFT Roadmap And Sales

These pixelated illustrations are among the most transparently distributed and fairly launched projects of all time.
After the initial whitelisting sale, the entire collection is up for second sales on Solanium.
The Flippies NFT team also plans to conduct a randomization and replication campaign on Github to ensure fair distribution.

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