Hashmasks NFT is a collection of digital artwork made in collaboration with 70 artists globally. The Hashmasks team also allows you to showcase your unique collection of NFTs with a short description and even vote on other NFT collections. Also, users can link their crypto wallets such as Metamask with the Hashmasks website. That’s all for now, read further to take a closer look at what Hashmasks NFT is, price range, features, drop date, and more.  

What Are Hashmasks NFT?

Hashmasks NFTs is a collection of 16,384 unique digital assets created by combining masks, eyes, accessories, and other different traits. By purchasing a Hashmask, you get worldwide rights for commercial use of the specific NFT you bought. The hierarchy or rarity of an NFT is determined by the normal traits plus implicit traits set by the creator and consumer. 

Hashmasks NFTs
Source: Thehashmasks

When they were released, the limit was 20 per transaction, and Hashmask has a unique distribution process of not letting the users know which NFT they generated until the first 14 days of purchase or when the sale ends, whichever comes first. 

When Were The Hashmasks NFTs Released?

The Hashmasks NFT were released on 28 January 2021 at 16:00 (CEST) till 12 February. 
If after 12 February there are still NFTs left, then the remaining will be revealed to buy but without any bonus on the purchase. 

Important Points About Hashmasks NFTs

Rarities of Hashmask NFTs 

Implicit indicates the rarity of traits such as colors, backgrounds, hairstyle, and more. For example, about 12.5% of the NFT comes with animal masks, and only 5.9% NFTs have a pixel mask. Moreover, unicorn masks are the rarest of the 14 unique types of masks available. 

Explicit Rarity
Explicit refers to the rarity based on characteristics set by the creators such as male, female, robot, puppet, and golden robot.

What is the Name Change Token (NCT)?

These are the native tokens that enable the NFT holder to give a permanent and unique name to their Hashmask NFT that will also be visible on Ethereum Blockchain. You need to send and burn 1,830 NCTs to the Hashmask contract for changing the name of an NFT. Moreover, an individual NFT collects about 3,660 NCTs or native tokens per year, and taking part in initial contributions can also help receive additional 1,830 NCTs.
There are specific criteria for the NFTs name

  • No 2 names can be the same
  • The character limit is 25 symbols including spaces, and only alphanumeric symbols are allowed
  • The uniqueness of your NFT should be case insensitive
  • The name should not contain any leading or trailing

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What Are The Upcoming Hashmask Avatars?

These avatars are the upcoming addition and can only be available for the Hashmask NFT holders. NFT holders can 

  • Get the masked avatar based upon the Hashmask NFT
  • Get an unmasked avatar that has random traits
  • Burn your Hashmask and then claim both of them
The Art & Concept Of The Hashmask Avatars
Source: Twitter

Overview Of Hashmasks NFTs Sales Statistics

Floor Price And Current Selling Price Range Of Hashmasks NFTs

As per the online NFT marketplace OpenSea, the floor price of a single Hashmasks NFT is 1.55 ETH on 17 October 2021. At the same time, the price of the NFTs ranges between 1.55 ETH to 200 ETH, and some are even more. 

Hashmasks NFT Volume Of The Sales 

According to OpenSea, the total volume traded on their platform till 17 October 2021 is 39.6K ETH. Moreover, NFTstats states that Hashmasks NFTs were traded 263 times in 7 days ( 10 October – 17 October 2021) and had a total sales volume of $1.99M. Also, the average cost of a single Hashmasks NFT was $7.5k at the same time. 

Furthermore, about half of the NFTs were sold for below $6.1k, and the lowest 10 percent were sold for $4791 or less. The top 10 percent of the Hashmasks NFTs sales were for $9.5k and higher. Currently, “you wouldn’t get it” is the highest-selling NFT by Hashmasks that was traded for $69k in early October 2021. 

Are Hashmasks NFT Worth It?

With 31.2K Twitter followers and 20,000 plus discord members, Hashmasks NFT has a huge following due to its vibrant and artistic portraits. Moreover, you also get the option to name your NFT on the Ethereum blockchain by using NCT tokens. The Hashmasks NFTs have displayed lucrative trading potential in the past few months and will continue to do so due to the upcoming projects. 

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