Looking to buy Meebits NFT? Who wouldn’t, because Meebits have emerged as one of the most-traded NFTs in Metaverse. The Meebits NFT has zoomed to a floor price of 6.8 ETH on the OpenSea marketplace following a strong performance since the launch in May. 
Meebits NFTs Review 2021
Propelled by the crypto community’s insatiable appetite for NFTs, Meebits have been generating tremendous investor interest. The pixellated digital offerings of Meebits NFT straddle the space of crypto art and NFT collectables. Their trade is increasing by the hour as the stats websites testify. 

What Are Meebits Tokens?

Meebits NFTs
Meebits are unique 3D voxel (a unit of code defining a graphic in three-dimensional space) characters, created by Larva Labs, the same group that launched CryptoPunks and made them a Metaverse legend. Created by a custom generative algorithm, Meebit is registered on the Ethereum blockchain just as CryptoPunks.

There are 20,000 Meebit tokens, whose NFT contracts governing the ownership are of ERC-721 standard, working with compatible exchanges or services. The contract also includes a customer marketplace, which allows like-kind trading if the transaction is not above 100 Meebits.

Opensea.io and Rarible.com are two top exchanges for buying and selling Meebits NFT. At launch, Larva Labs reserved 11,000 Meebits for CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs owners. The remaining 9,000 tokens only were released for public sale in a Dutch auction.

The auction started on May 2 and all tokens were sold out within 24 hours. Within the first two hours of the launch, about 2,000 tokens were gobbled up adding a neat pile of ETH worth nearly $20M to the makers’ kitty.

The Meebit NFT owners also gain access to an additional asset pack that includes the 3D model in full. It can be used to animate and render the Meebit, or as the Metaverse avatar. The T-pose OBJ file that comes with Meebit ownership allows import into almost all standard 3D animation and modelling software. The pack also comes with hi-res and lo-res renders.

#Meebits NFTs Pricing & Price Statistics Reviewed

Meebits NFTs Pricing Details
According to nft-stats.com, Meebit tokens notched up 148 transactions of a volume of $4.57M in the 24 hours that ended on 07:20 UTC on September 1, 2021. The token completed 1,855 transactions over the last seven-day period with the volume surging to $54.28M. The average price during the seven days was $29.3k. 

Single Meebit NFTs also have been soaring on the price scale. Meebit #8598 sold for 420 ETH or approximately $1.4M, according to a May 4 tweet by marketplace OpenSea, making it the highest price for a single item sale recorded on the platform across NFTs.

Meebit NFT #18574 went for $1.3M less than one month back. Another Meebit token, #3595, also fetched more than $1M, which happened about one day ago.

Other Meebit tokens that went for high prices in the past 24 hours include Meebit NFT #6563 that sold for $888,900 and Meebit #11355, which went for $819,200.

The last 30 days saw 4,901 Meebits NFTs sales. The cheapest sale in the past 30 days was for $7,800 and the most expensive was for more than $31,700. The median price was about $13,800 for a Meebit token in 30 days.
The average price of Meebits on OpenSea touched a fresh high for the month on August 30 at 12.7085 ETH when 604 sales took place.
The highest average price for a day, however, has been 13.4173 ETH made on July 9, a landmark crossed with just 101 sales.

How/Where To Buy Meebits NFT from Opensea 

Where To Buy Meebits NFTs
Linked to the Ethereum-powered Metamask wallet, Meebits NFT has their own marketplace from Larva Labs that supports transactions of up to100 tokens at a time. That transaction limit is applicable for either side, which means 50 buy-sell cycles. 

Top marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible are equally bustling with Meebits trades. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace and features a pretty good collection of Meebits also. OpenSea’s APIs are handy for downloading in a structured format the data on NFT transactions. 

You need an Ethereum-linked wallet for any transaction involving Meebits. They include MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, TrustWallet, Portis, and Fortmatic/Magic. 

OpenSea charges a fee of 2.5% on each transaction. There is no charge for creating NFTs or NFT collections on the gallery. OpenSea allows up to a 10% royalty setting for an NFT creator. It means every time the NFT is traded, a 10% value accrues to the creator.

Meebits NFT? To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Meebits NFT has steadily climbed up the trading charts without major hiccups. The tokens look headed for higher volumes as the limit of 20,000 is a big rarity indicator. Voxels are the market trend and they will only go on to gain in popularity. The steady increase in Meebits NFT prices with some posting astronomical gains indicates those who own these NFTs will continue to travel north on profits.

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