Looking to buy MetaHero NFT from the Drop? Know all important launch dates from here. MetaHero Universe Generative Identities NFTs are a collection of concept characters that include heroes, villains and mutants who are native to the MetaHero Universe. The core collection comprises 146 fully-matched MetaHero characters.

They include two special mints, designed collaboratively by Chris Wahl and Odious, the project creatives. Makers of MetaHero NFT, who have vowed to take NFT adoption to the next level, describes their NFTs as “Real Utility Tokens” that are generated with Ultra-HD Metascanning tech.

MetaHero Universe Generative Identities NFTs

The concept of Generative NFTs has been around for some time. Generative NFTs like logos can infinitely change their shape, yet remaining recognizable from the point of view of branding efficacy.

Arguably the first generative or dynamic logo was created by Ilya Pronin early this year. It was sold on the NFT marketplace in March to Hieronymus Grabstein, a sound producer and photographer, who will soon release his first album. The success of the Grabstein NFT logo has opened a wide vista for crypto branding of products, people and events.

The dynamic or generative logo that infinitely changes shape opened a new dimension to branding for Grabstein. A ‘glitch technology’ using a program code to distort the logo’s text part has made Pronin’s logo unique and a smash hit.
MetaHero Universe Generative Identities NFTs
MetaHeros founder Pura Vida thinks metascanning is a technology whose time has come. It will become part of everyday life, according to him, acting as a bridge between the real and meta realms. The tech will connect games, entrepreneurs, artists, and users in ways not seen hitherto, according to the Polish entrepreneur.

Vida has conceived a whole new tokenomics model in which his company proposes to maintain metascanners around the world for anybody to scan and digitize their real world assets and manage them in the metaverse.
By building businesses powered by the decentralized economy, he proposes to free the crypto world from the speculative bubble it is trapped in currently.

Laying out his company’s long-term objective, Vida says its goal is to scale up the crypto user base to 10 million through MetaHero. He considers MetaHero a real business use case combining market interest (art, gaming, and social), tokenomics and the metascanning ecosystem utilizing the hero token.

Comparing his initiative with the revolution that Sony Pictures Audio Library created in audio entertainment, Vids says his long-term goal is to create the world’s largest database of 3-D scanned real-world people and objects.

Bringing the generative NFT concept to identities, the MetaHero Universe NFT has created a new world of dynamic NFTs that depicts a whole community of characters that are dynamic and keep changing. There is a maximum supply of 9,678 NFT and they can be minted at will by redeeming MintPass #1, which is the signature NFT reservation system from Pixel Vault.

MetaHero Universe NFT Sales Statistics

According to the NFT-Stats.Com website, 317 MetaHero Universe Generative Identities NFTs were sold in the past seven days up to 7:24 am on Monday, September 2021. The trade volume during the same period was 9.7 million, at an average price of $30,600.
MetaHero Universe NFTs Sales Statistics
Source: NFT-Stats

The NFT was ranked 16th on marketplace OpenSea by sales volume at 7:24 am on Monday, September 13, 2021, the trade volume for MetaHeroes stood at 2,634.74 ETH, which marked a 38.86% rise in the previous 24 hours and 329.41% increase in the previous seven days. Its floor price was 5.8 ETH for the NFT that was held by 2,400 owners.
MetaHero #320 fetched the highest price eight days ago as it fetched $123,000, followed by MetaHero #64 that was sold six days ago for $81,400. The third highest price was for MetaHero #3108 the generated $67,200 in a sale four days ago. The past 30 days have seen the sale of 390 MetaHero NFTs.

MetaHero NFTs are gaining popularity among investors in PUNKS Comic, Bloot (not for Weaks), Metaverse HQ, and Bored Ape Chemistry Club.

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How To Buy / Where To Buy MetaHero Generative Identities NFT

MetaHero NFT were initially released on Bogged.Finance where they were picked up by investors. On the secondary market, they are available on OpenSea and Rarible. You need to create an Ethereum blockchain-based crypto wallet to conduct MetaHero transactions as it uses the ETH-721 standard.
Where To Buy MetaHero Generative Identities NFTs
The token is described as a “deflationary token” with a low fee of up to a maximum of 10% on transactions. The smart staking option allows the token buyers to get a part of up to 2% value redistributed to MetaHero holders. The rarity of the offering is ensured by up to 8% of transactions being burned to reduce the supply. Therefore, the more the transactions, the higher the rarity.

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MetaHero NFTs promise to take NFTs to a whole new level in terms of utility through the metascannning technology that allows users to scan any real-world object or document to take them to the metaverse. There is no doubt that real world utility will greatly enhance the value of NFTs. That could lead to further explosion of the NFT space and the crypto world

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