Released in July, Ape Gang NFTs is a collection of unique digital assets showcasing portraits of Apes with different attributes. Mini-game, additional content, regular giveaways, and rewarding competitions make this collection popular among NFT holders. That’s all for now, today’s Ape Gang NFT review will shed light on its features, upcoming content, price range, and much more.  

All About Ape Gang NFT?

ApeGang NFT is a collection of 10,000 digital assets made with python and generated by combining different traits such as eyes, fur, and hats. The NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain and stored as ERC721 tokens. All the NFTs are enlarged to 500×500 from 50×50 PNG, giving them a pixelated appearance. The Ape Gang NFTs has a big community with about 60,000 followers on Twitter and Discord combined that constantly gets free giveaways and rewards for active community engagement. 

Ape Gang NFTs Collections
Source: Twitter

When Were The Ape Gang NFTs Released?

The ApeGang NFTs were released in early July of 2021 and are longer available for minting.  

Current And Future Roadmap Of Ape Gang NFTs

October 2021: 

  • Ape gang mini-game will be available on the App Store. 
  • A new website will be launched 
  • The toucans will be released. There will be one toucan for each Ape gang NFT holder. 
  • A new logo will be introduced

November 2021:

  • The Gangwars manger will be live

Q4 of 2021: 

  • The Ape Gang will be transferred to their own contract. 
  • Only a limited amount of Ape gang merchandise will be released. 
  • Ape Gang Comic Book will be released for 1 per wallet. 
  • Billboards in NYC, Vegas, Tokyo, and Singapore. 


  • The Ape Gang team will be organizing 3 events in Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Toucans Are Coming

These birds are flying companions to the apes, and are generated by combining over 140 traits including eyes, beak, and clothes. Moreover, when the $GANG token is released, these toucans will improve the utility value of the original Ape Gang NFTs. Ape Gang NFT holders can claim 1 toucan within the first 7 days of their release. At the end of the 7th day, the toucans which are not claimed will be burnt. 

Take Part In Gang Wars

NFT holders can take part in the upcoming Gang Wars to win exciting rewards. All participants will get one jaguar coin and you can play to win the war for earning more coins. The jaguar coin can then be changed into a Jaguar NFT and used with the Toucans for taking part in the upcoming seasons. 

What Are The Sales Stats Of Ape Gang NFTs?

Where To Buy Ape Gang NFTs

Source: Opensea

Ape Gang NFT Current Selling Price Range And Floor Price

According to the OpenSea NFT marketplace, as of 14th October 2021, the Ape Gang NFTs has a floor price of 0.77 ETH. At the same time, the price of Ape Gang NFTs range between 0.25 WETH to 100 ETH, and some are even more. 
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Breakdown Of Ape Gang NFTs Sales Volume ( From October 7 – October 14, 2021)

According to NFTstats, in the last 7 days, NFTs by Ape Gang were sold about 1712 times, along with a sales volume of $5.6M. Moreover, the average cost of a single NFT by Ape Gang was about $3.3k. Also, according to OpenSea the total volume of NFTs traded on their platform to date is 5.4K ETH.

To add further, at the same time, NFTstats states that about ten per cent of the Ape Gang were sold for $1675 and less, and the top ten per cent sales were equal to or higher than $4941. Furthermore, around half of the NFTs were sold for less than $2615. Currently, NFT number #2449 by ApeGang is the highest-selling digital asset from the collection that was purchased for $121k on 9 October 2021. 

Sales Stats Of Ape Gang NFTs
Source: Nft-stats

Ape Gang NFT Conclusion: Worth Purchasing or Not?

Ape Gang NFT has a staunch and well-established community that will continue to grow in the near future. The team of Ape Gang constantly tries to introduce new content and features to further drive the storyline and make the NFT trading much more engaging. Purchasing an Ape Gang NFT will grant you access to gang wars, additional NFTs, and tokens for further growing your collection. 

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