Looking for information on Fatales NFT Collectibles? Looking to buy from an nft marketplace? Find out all the details for buying the Fatales NFT Project.

Women-led NFT projects are shaping the NFT markets with their innovative female-oriented collections. If you are searching for any such potential project with some unique features and extensive variety, your search can end at Fatales.

This NFT collectable is a splendid collection of 10,000 exclusive all-female social avatars with hundreds of distinctive traits crafted with high aesthetical value.

Just after its recent launch, the Fatales NFT collection was sold within minutes and has been ranked on the first page of the OpenSea market for few days.

This is an ERC-721 tokens collection on Ethereum blockchain and is the brainchild of illustrious artist Lisb. eth. The characters of this collection differ mainly in species, background, clothing, hairstyle, helmet, aura, body, face, and accessories. Broadly, the Fatales collectables are categorized into three distinct species. Humans, AIs, and Celestials. Among these three groups, Humans are most common whereas Celestials are least common.

They are available for sale on the OpenSea and Rarity market. The cost of one minted Fatale is 0.03 ETH.

Specifications About The Fatales NFT Collection

Fatales Female Oriented NFT Collection
The Fatales collection was launched on August 31, 2021, on OpenSea. Its team includes founder and visionary artist Lisb.eth, Artchick as Advisor, Geck. eth as Developer, and Wade as Smart Contract Scriber. Over 200 traits of this collection are intricately handcrafted by Lisb.eth. The Human species have clothes on their bodies whereas the Celestial and AI species are available in unclothed versions. Among the rarest species, the Blackhole celestials are rare with only 40 in number.

The Fatales NFTs team claims that this is the first-ever project which has highly fashionable trendy avatars with an authoritative voice in fashion. With its instant success and huge sales volume, it holds potential for future HODLing. In one of her tweets, Artchick. eth states that:

Fatales doesn’t have a roadmap. But their proficient team is working hard to create value for the Fatale buyers through airdrops, official alliances, and tools to take this project among the topmost projects.
In another tweet, she expressed her excitement about the instant sale of the NFTs in just 10 minutes after its launch on August 31.

Statistical Data Of Fatales NFT Collectibles

With such a wide variety of traits and spectacular designs, the Fatales collection is creating waves in the NFT market. Referring to the latest figures available on nft-stats.com, so far, 7028 Fatales have been sold in few days after the launch, and 1028 have been sold in the last seven days. The average price for one Fatale NFT in the last seven days is $787.
Statistical Data Of Fatales NFT
Trading volume in the last seven days is $835k.Data also implies that Fatales collection was sold for $470 at the lowest and $2436 at the highest. The median price has been around $1054. The floor price is 0.09 ETH.
The project has drawn the attention of NFT lovers as it ranked 9th on the front page of the OpenSea market the very next day after the launch on August 1, 2021.

How You Can Buy Fatales NFTs?

1) Open an account at the NFT marketplace:
You should have an account at NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and Mintable Market.
2) Ethereum Wallet: You should also have an Ethereum Wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet to support the ERC721 token.
3) Ethereum purchase from Crypto exchange: The wallet should be equipped with enough quantity of Ethereum which can be purchased from any crypto exchange to buy NFTs from the marketplace.
The above prerequisites are common for buying any NFT. But as the Fatales is available on OpenSea,
You will have to connect the wallet to the OpenSea account.
4) Connect the wallet to the OpenSea account: The next step is to connect the wallet to the OpenSea account.
6) Buy the NFT:
you will have to search and open the page of Fatales at opensea.io/collection/fatales
How To Buy Fatales NFT
Bidding the favourite art piece:
Exploring your favourite art piece, you can click on the ‘place bid’ button to quote your price for the pieces available under the bidding option. As some of the pieces are available for direct sale, you can also buy them directly by clicking the ‘buy now’ option.

Concluding Words:

The Fatales project stands out differently for its highly aesthetic female-oriented product range. Reaching the top rank on OpenSea, just after launch is another milestone it has achieved in a short time. The project hasn’t revealed its future plans as yet. But analyzing the trends and the swelling statistics, the Fatales NFT project seems cool and prospective for good returns in the future.

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