With generative artwork quickly taking over the NFT ecosystem, you are surely inundated with choices if you wish to buy non-fungible artwork. FoxFam NFT Collectible series is a truly unique NFT collection with a range of 10,000 hand-drawn archetypes, each one a distinctive combination of diversified traits. The collection is the creative brainchild of seasoned artists and illustrators at the Yum Yum Studion.

The studio is famed for the creation of famous gaming projects and arty characters. Since each character in the collection is a combination of randomly put together traits, therefore, each one. Bears a unique persona. You can view the entire collection on the open sea platform and choose the one that speaks to you.

What Is The FoxFam NFT Collectible Series All About?

FoxFam NFT Collectibles
Source: Foxfam

The FoxFam NFT Collectible series is a collection of a total of 10,000 collectible tokens that recorded as many as 2.9K sales as of October 10, 2021. 

It is a passionately put-together project by a tenured team from the Yum Yum studio. Most of. The artworks in this collection are hand-drawn. Therefore, collectors have the option of purchasing a wide range of aesthetic and vibrant characters.

The possibility of more generative forms launching at a later stage can also not be ruled out.

About The Yum Yum Studio:

The Yum Yum Studio has a notable history of creating popular illustrations for some of the most successful brands in the business such as Xbox, Nickelodeon and Lyft.

The studio creates community-focused art. Each one of the illustrations is centred around a unique idea giving traders, collectors and art lovers a wide range to choose from.   

The illustrators. Also have years of experience in designing merchandise such as making games, vinyl toys, trippy exhibitions and much more.

  1. Unique Selling Proposition:

Each and every character in the series is created through pre-configured algorithms from a randomly generated combination of 12 traits. The traits differ in their rarity. The characters may also have certain super rare and distinct traits. Obviously, the rarer ones are going to be more expensive. From ghost-foxes to hybrid unicorn foxes to zombie-foxes, the collection is as interesting as it gets.

Each and every character in the series has distinct traits in their body, outfit, face and hat.
Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, this collectible series is created from randomly selected hand-crafted images. Buying even a single token from the series will also give you exclusive access to communities, game items, ownership records for physical items and a lot more.

FoxFam NFT Drop Date

The FoxFam NFT project is set to launch in the second week of October. Visit the official website to get the exact launch date: www.foxfam.io

FoxFam NFT Road Map

The FoxFam NFT project has met all the mileposts in its roadmap so far. Here are some of the most critical objectives in the long-term plan of the project:

  • The project plans to launch a Pre-Sale for its OG Discord members. You can join the discord community to know more about the rules of participation.
  • Public Sale: Followed by the pre-sale, the team also plans to launch a public sale that will go live on Tues 5th October at 6:30 PM UTC.
  • The winners of these contests will be announced on Twitter, Discord, Telegram handles of the project.
  • The project is also poised to list various rarity tools. You can participate in the community raffle to win a prize of 1 ETH.
  • As per the plan, the team will also launch a meme challenge, where the winners will stand a chance to win 1 ETH. The proceeds will be donated to a charity selected by the community members.
  • Community art challenge: You can also. Take part in the community art challenge to win a prize of 1 ETH.
  • The community members. Will also get a chance to participate in the background story competition where they can win a prize of 1 ETH.
  • The team also plans to collaborate with renowned and upcoming artists.
  • The community will be closely involved in all phases of decision-making throughout the execution of the Roadmap.

The FoxFam NFT Sales Statistics

The FoxFam NFT Sales Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

Current FoxFam NFT  Selling Price- Floor Price &Volume 

The FoxFam NFT Collectible series has made as many as 2.9K sales so far.
The current floor price of the tokens is 0.328 ETH.
The current trade volume for the series is 2.4K ETH.
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The FoxFam NFT Collectible Series Sales:

The tokens in the FoxFam NFT series were sold as many as 7381 times in the last 7 days as of October 10th, 2021.
The overall volume of sales for the FoxFam collectable series is recorded at $7.92M. 
The average price of one FoxFam NFT has been recorded at $1.1k.
The most expensive token in the FoxFam NFT Collectible series sold for $18k.
Taking the last one month into account, as many as 7,409 FoxFam NFTs were sold in the last 30 days as of October 10, 2021.
The least expensive sale was recorded below $401.

Where To Buy FoxFam NFT
Source: Opensea


With utility in the gaming metaverse, these characters are 3-dimensional avatars that feature unique musical and visual traits. If you have been contemplating. About partaking in the NFT arena, the FoxFam NFT Collectible series can be a good project to start. Equally appealing for traders, investors and speculators, this series is among the shining paragons in the world of NFT collectables.

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