Seeking information on Frontier game NFTs? Wish to penetrate the fascinating realm of online crypto games? Or interested in GameFi – an extraordinary blend of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs, and blockchain-based virtual games? If your reply to any of these questions is a freaking “yes,” read through this article to understand more about the top-ranked Frontier game NFT collection.

The Frontier game NFT collection comprises 3000 series one black boxes. These black boxes are limited edition, non-playable NFTs. Each box is minted using ERC – 1155 token standards and custom smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This article will touch upon the fundamental and unique features of the Frontier game NFTs, its latest sales statistics, and how you can procure them.

A Brief Introduction To The Frontier Game NFT Universe And Its Distinct Properties

Each black box in the Frontier Game NFT collection has a unique data key to redeem $DATA – the prime in-game ERC-20 utility token. All entities holding the black box on a specific date would receive the data key. 

Moreover, every black box can produce two arbitrary flash blocks of varying rarities. Initially, only 2000 black boxes were available for minting. Massive demand for the NFT led to preorders filling up rapidly. As of September 6, 2021, all the black boxes have been sold out. There are 1,073 owners, and the maximum number of black boxes owned by a single person is 47.

As a black box NFT holder, you will get exclusive access to related NFTs, airdrops, and the alpha version of the underlying gaming software. You will enjoy special privileges like the right to vote, create proposals, and participate in the governance of the Frontier Game ecosystem. 

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Recent Sales Statistics Of The Frontier Game NFTs

a. The Floor Price And The Selling Price Of Frontier Game NFTs As Of September 6, 2021
As per the figures on OpenSea, the current floor price of the black box – series one NFT is ETH 2.29 (≈$8,965.35). At the time of penning this article, the ETH/USD conversion rate is $3,915. The latest sale price quoted on the OpenSea platform is ETH 3.
b. Total Sales Volumes Recorded As Of September 6, 2021
As per the past week’s data on the NFT stats website, 1060 Frontier Game NFTs were sold in the last seven days. The 7-day trading volume was $8.35 million, and the 7-day average price was $7,900. Total volumes traded to date equal ETH 2200 on OpenSea.
The costliest black box NFT sale was effected on September 5, 2021, for a whopping $40,600. The sale prices of the top 50 most expensive Frontier Game NFTs lie within the price range of $15,300 – $40,600. In the past 30 days, the cheapest black box NFT was priced below $3,169.
You may note that based on selling/trading activity, these records are subject to change throughout the day. Consider the latest price statistics while making buying or selling decisions.
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Some Easy Steps You Can Follow To Own The Amazing Frontier Game NFT

1. Visit the OpenSea website and type “Frontier Game” in the search bar. You will be redirected to the Frontier Game NFT page. 
How To Buy Frontier Game NFTs
2. Click on the “Black Box – series one” tab. Hit the “buy now” button to make the purchase. Press the “Make Offer” tab if you wish to specify a bid price.
Frontier Game NFTs Price
3. Before transacting, ensure you have the requisite token balance in your e-wallet. You can place bids or make purchases using ETH (Ethereum) or WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) tokens.
You may also place a preorder for the black box on the Frontier Game website. Open a Metamask wallet account to trade or preorder Frontier Game NFTs.
Frontier Game NFTs 2021
Another NFT required to play this crypto game is the Watcher NFT. You can purchase it on Rarible. The Watcher NFTs include $DATA, in-game hero & sector skins, and enjoy “priority” status in-game queues.
Frontier Game NFTs Statistics
Preorders for “black box – series two” NFTs are expected in the near future. So, keep an eye on the website and Discord app notifications to prevent missing out on the sales and airdrops.
Frontier Game NFT

Closing Words

Frontier is a P2E (Play to Earn) cum PvP(Player Vs. Player) augmented-reality-based online battle game developed by “The Watch.” It is a GameFi project based on the real-life story of “The Watcher S/N 404” – a mystical character lost in space post an obscure incident. 

Each black box generates two flash blocks of classic, epic, stellar, or acme tiers. “Acme” is the rarest of all. The “attack” block hurts your opponent. The “defence” protocol helps safeguard yourself from enemies and lure them into a trap. The Glitch blocks completely destroy your opponents. While series one black boxes and genesis flash blocks are no longer sold by ISSA(International Space Security Administration), you can actively trade them in the secondary markets. 

If you hold both black box and watcher NFTs, you will receive the stellar edition of data keys that have bonus perks. Thus, grab as many Frontier Game NFTs as you can and enjoy premium benefits in the Frontier Game ecosystem. Besides, join the battlefront, morph into a watcher,  and win ETH tokens.

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