The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Collectibles is a series of 3,333 mind-boggling artistic impressions conceived by the creative minds at Augminted Labs. With additional functionalities in the parallel gaming metaverse, the tokens are of immense value for art collectors as well as gaming enthusiasts.

With Gamified NFT projects slowly emerging as the frontrunners in the NFT arena, this collection is a shining example of what happens when pixelated artistic brilliance is combined with layers of metaverse-functionalities.

The characters in the tokens bear additional utilities and functionalities in the gaming metaverse making Kaiju Kingz much more than an art collection. The project checks all the important requirements for a remunerative NFT collection. Investors are advised to proceed with caution as the NFT marketplace is still in the most incipient of phases.

Everything You Need To Know About The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Series 

The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Series
Source: kaijukingz

Details About The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Series

The creative brainchild of the creators at Augminted Labs, Kaiju Kingz is a one of its kind collection of artworks generated from random combinations of a pre-configured range of traits and attributes.

A sub-collection of 69×69 pixel squared Baby Kaijus is also in the pipeline. The community will also have a sway over the design, aesthetics, and attributes of the sub-collection. The team aims at building a scalable and multi-utility project that renders long-term sustainable value to its users. Giving the owners exclusive access to clubs and communities, this project is a promising NFT collection with larger-than-life creative archetypes that appeal to contemporary sensibilities.  

Inspired by an exceedingly urban plot, the game is all about pixelated beasts tearing down a metaverse city. You can join any of the thriving communities on Twitter, discord and telegram to know more about the various significant mileposts in the development lifecycle.  

Know More About The Road Map Of The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Series

Road Map Of The Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFT Series
Source: kaijukingz

Phase 1- Auction: The phased-out development schedule of the series starts with an auction of the special tokens in the collection. Since there are only 10 tokens in this limited edition collection, each one has distinctive animation and design attributes.

The most legendary character in the collection is the Mecha Kaiju, set aside for the N0XSCAPE holders. These cards will be distributed among the owners of the founder’s cards. The final 8 out of this collection will be auctioned off.
Creators can also apply for grants through airdrop contests to be able to execute their plans for the development of the project.

Phase 2 – Dao Formation

The team is persistently working towards the creation and expansion of The KaijuKingz ecosystem. The team has collaborated with the best talent in the crypto space to create a scalable and sustainable gaming metaverse.
The profits earned from the sales of the KaijuKingz tokens will be contributed to the community vault. This will be used to provide grants and scholarships to deserving applicants in the community.

Long Term Plans:

The team plans to expand and improvise the roadmap as the project progresses. The community will always be at the heart of all of the endeavours. The community members in collaboration with the developers will chart the future trajectory of the project.

The Sales Statistics For Genesis Kaiju Kingz

The Sales Statistics For Genesis Kaiju Kingz
Source: kaijukingz

Selling Price, Floor Price And Sales Volume Of The Genesis Kaiju Kingz

The sales stats are the most reliable indicators used to chart the course of any crypto project. It is in these crude numbers and figures that the performance of these NFT projects can be reviewed.

As of October 16, 2021, as many as 1,385 tokens were sold in the past 7 days, thereby making quite a noise in the NFT communities all over.

The total trading volume of the series touched the $23.31M mark merely in the last 7 days as of October 16, 2021.
Also, the average selling price of tokens from the collection stood at $16.8k

In the last 7 days as of October 16, 2021.

Genesis Kaiju Kingz Sales 

The collection has been able to initiate a favourable discourse in the communities and discussion groups. The most expensive token KaijuKing #1 sold for $175.1k on October 16, 2021. The most expensive sale often sets the course for the other tokens. With the collaborative effort of the team members and unrelenting encouragement from the community, the Kaiju Kingz project is poised to emerge as a shining paragon among the wide array of similar looking 
NFT collections populating the NFT space at present.

On the other hand, the least expensive sale was recorded below $11.3k. The median price for a Kaiju Kingz NFT touched an impressive point at $15.2k in the last month as of October 16, 2021.

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Here’s What We Think About The Kaiju Kingz Collection

The synergy between the community members and the creators provides the impetus for the growth and expansion of any NFT project. The Kaiju Kingz collection is a perfect example of creating sustainable projects through symbiotic correspondence between a community of early believers and developers. The most distinct feature of this collection is the holder voting access within the KaijuKingz DAO. This ensures that the community members and the liquidity providers can also actually participate in the development lifecycle of the project.

If the challenges around the nascent NFT market excite you, it’s a great time to trade!

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