Shiba Family NFT has arrived in markets with their Shiba Man, Shiba Lady, and Shiba Kid. We are talking about Shiba Family, a new NFT collection that came up with 5000 NFTs based on Solana. This NFT collection is the first-ever collection on Solana which is based on a revolutionary concept of sharing economy offering 90% profit sharing.

Their first drop is over & they are already sold out. They are listed on Solsea, Magic Eden, SolShop, and soon will be listed on Digital Eyes for secondary sale.

Shiba Family NFT: Acquaintance With Shiba Family

This Shiba Inu family has three unique drops Shiba Lady, Shiba Man, and Shiba Kid. This family group is 100% unique and randomly generated. They have more than 550 attributes & some of them are rare. Shiba Man varies in 214 traits, Shiba Kids comes with 174 traits. Shiba Ladies differ with 188 attributes. They have a variance in the background, clothes, earrings, eyes, body colour, Eyewear, mouth, and hat.

This project is more of a community and utility-based project where the token holders are at the core of the economic model that leverages them to maximum benefits.

Revolutionary About Shiba Family NFT
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So What Exactly Is Revolutionary About Them? 

Well, their revolutionary economy is based on unique sharing royalties’ distribution program among the community and collectible holder from every sale.

Royalty sharing will be done every month using the Grape network. The distribution will be initiated after Solsea and Solanart transfer royalty to their family fund.

Moreover, Shiba Family collectible holders get some exclusive advantages such as access to the next NFT drop, getting free updates of the activities including future plans, marketing strategy, NFT game development progress, access to airdrops, giveaways, insights, etc. Also, weekly giveaways have been planned only for the NFT owners.

The community members who have minted the Shiba family during the presale and public sale will get an access pass to their NFT game and participation opportunity in the airdrop of Shiba family game tokens.

Have a look at the Economy Chart below. It’s thrilling enough to catch your attention.

Shiba Family Tree – Team Members 

Shiba team has team members coming from various interesting backgrounds, some are NFT collectors, some are crypto enthusiasts, some are underground artists, some are marketing wizards and some are brainy developers. They also are close buddies with Mike as Artist, Emmy looking into Marketing, Peter as Tech Lead, and above all, they vouch on every community member as an integral part of the Shiba family.

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Sales Figures Of Shiba Family Are Rocking 

Sales Figures Of Shiba Family NFT
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Sales Figures And Floor Price Of Shiba Family 

Shiba family Sales are just awesome. At Magic Eden Marketplace, as of 23 Oct, the Floor Price is displayed as 0.15 SOL, Trading Volume is 644.10 SOL. The average price is displayed as 0.95 SOL. And total listed NFTs are 284. 

Shiba Family – Road Map With Hidden Treasures 

The Shiba Man collection has already been sold with flying colours. 


25% Sold
10 SOL will be distributed during the mint of the first 25% Shiba lady collection.
50% Sold
15 Shiva lady giveaway during the mint of first 50% collection.
75% Sold
40 SOL will be donated to the charity, selected by collection holders.
100% Sold
Family fund for Shiba lady and activation of sharing royalty program.


25% Sold
10 SOL giveaways during the mint of the first 25% collectables.
50% Sold
15 Shiba lady giveaway during Shiba kid mint.
75% Sold
40 SOL will be donated to charity with the token holder’s consent.
100% Sold
The family fund will be generated for Shiba kid and activation to the sharing royalty program.

Post-Sale Road Map – Another Interesting Chapter Of Shiba Family 

  • Listing on marketplaces: Listing of the collectables on various marketplaces such as DigitalEyes, Solanart many more
  • Royalty Distribution: Weekly Royalty distribution to be announced soon.
  • Game Development: To launch the game on unity engine in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Marketing Campaign: Launch of a marketing campaign through 100 influencers to increase the sale of NFTs.
  • Other: Metaverse development, collaborations with other projects, community giveaways, support from artists, merchandise Store, initiation, etc.

How Can You Mint Shiba Family?

  •  Join the Shiba family’s discord group.
  • When the NFT sale starts, connect any of your Solana wallets such as Sollet, Phantom, or Solflare wallet through the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on top of the website.
  • Once the wallet is connected to the website, it will display the ‘Mint’ button.
  • Approve the transaction & you can see Shiba family NFTs in your wallet.

Final Words About Shiba Family 

The Shiba family has got massive plans ahead in 2022. It is based on Solana, so you have to pay a negligible gas fee. It is a community-oriented project, so lots of benefits for the token holders are proposed in the coming times. The team behind this project is interesting enough to rely on for long-term benefits. So, if you are interested in long-term investment, this project has got the potential to multiply the value of these NFTs in a few months ahead.

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