Looking to purchase the Sipherian Surge NFT? Find out the statistics, where to buy etc. of Sipherian Surge NFT from here. The Sipherian Surge is a collection of 10,000 NFTs called “Sipherians” that can be used in their PvE or PvP gameplay. These Sipherian Surg NFTs are a mix of rare costumes and weapons that possess unique looks and have different sub-racial traits.

The costumes determine the specific NFT attributes buffs while the weapons a Sipherian carries will determine its class. Players with a complete costume set will have great gameplay rewards while carrying out expeditions. Moreover, these digital assets also have a set of 5 different emotions.

Currently, Sipher uses ERC-721 and is considering implementing ERC-1155 in the future for adding more functionalities and optimizing transaction time as well as gas cost. Today’s Sipherian Surge NFT Review will take a closer look at what it is, sales volume, where to buy, and much more.

What Is Sipherian Surge NFT Explained !

Sipherian Surge NFT Review
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“Sipheria” is the name of the new universe where players can use their NFT/character after buying them through the Smart Contract. You can either embark on an expedition or start a PvE as well as PvP gameplay. Out of the first 10,000 NFTs, 3000 of them will have rare racial traits. These rare traits are available as BioZ INUs (1500), Cyborg INUs (1000), and Cosmic INUs (500).

All the sub-trait have unique abilities that can affect the gameplay along with rewards. Also, 500 NFTs out of 10,000 are used for community events, as well as rewards for the Sipherian Surge team and partners.
You can play the game to win dual rewards or get exciting NFT prizes as well as trophies. Winning “$ATHER” can be further used for crafting, fusing, or owning rare items, and earning “$SIPHER” will allow you to become a part of the community and take part in its governance.

Apart from the gameplay, there are also non-fighting mechanics in Sipheria. You can play various professions including an architect or modellers and contribute to Sipheria’s economy. You can then trade the new items on the Sipheria’s marketplace also called “Bazaar”, located in the heart of their universe.
To add further, you can view the Sipherian Surge roadmap here and have a firm understanding of where this universe is heading to.

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Sipherian Surge NFT Sales Statistics – Floor Price- Highest Price

Sipherian Surge NFT Sales Statistics
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Current Selling Price

The Sipher Inu were available to be minted at 0.1 ETH. There was also a limit of 5 characters per purchase for building up a large player base. The NFTs are launched in a Black Box and their unlocking criteria last 1 week after the launch or till they all are sold out, whichever comes first.

Currently, the floor price of a Sipherian Surge NFT at OpenSea is 0.16 ETH. As of September 13, the price ranges between 0.0551 WETH ( 180 dollars) to 125 ETH ($4,09,980.00) and a few are even more.

Volume Of the Sales

In the last several days ( 6 to 7 September 2021), the number of times Sipherian Surge NFTs were sold was 6299. Moreover, the Sipherian Surge NFTs had a total sales volume of $10.07M, and the average price in the same time period was $1.6k.

Also, about ten per cent of sales were less than $675, around half of the sales were for $1461 or less and the top 10 per cent NFTs were sold for $2200 and higher. Currently, the Sipherian #4800 is the top-selling NFT cold for $26.1k on September 12.

Where To Buy Sipherian Surge NFT

The first collection of Sipherian Surge NFT has been sold out and cannot be minted on their webpage. You can now get these NFTs from marketplaces such as OpenSea. Currently, OpenSea has over 4000 owners listing numerous NFTs for you to choose from. You can use the filters to narrow down your search further on the basis of background, costume, weapon, and many more traits. Moreover, you can buy a single NFT or choose to purchase a bundle on NFT marketplaces.

Where To Buy Sipherian Surge NFT
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For the future, Sipherian Surge will have an in-game laboratory where you can construct new NFTs, but they won’t be the same as the 1st collection.


A huge following of over 19K on Twitter and 38000 members on Discord make Sipherian Surge NFTs worthy of buying for trading or simply adding to your NFT collection. The game contains multiple challenges with various rewards that make it fun, engaging, and lucrative for players.

Moreover, Sipherian Surge is giving back to the community by using the sales proceeds of their NFT characters and constantly developing their universe with it. The team is also working towards a mobile platform (iOS, Android), making it convenient for you to explore the Sipherian universe.

You can also join their expanding social community to earn great rewards, keep track of the updates, interact with other Sipherian players, and much more. Overall, the rise in the popularity of Sipherian Surge NFT along with a fun-to-play game makes it a valuable NFT to purchase.

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