Thugbirdz NFT is the new collectibles that are unique 3-dimensional digital exclusives. They are only 3333 in number, build on Solana blockchain, and rank among the top projects on Solana. Additionally, they are among the blue-eyed boys of leading crypto derivative exchange FTX. Recently FTX has tweeted that it will extend support to top Solana-based NFT projects among which Thugbirdz is the one.

Thugbirdz community is one of the largest, strongest, and super active communities in the NFTs space. They are fascinating and welcoming people with lots of daily fun activities including giveaways, airdrops, and rewards. They claim themselves as ‘OG’ which means original gangster or exclusive. 

Their road map mentions a launch of a rap song and online buzz says, it might be endorsed by any celebrity for its exclusiveness. Whoa! That sounds interesting! So let’s dig out more about them.

A Peep Into Thugbirdz NFT Collection

Thug Birdz NFT Collectibles
Source: Thugbirdz

The Thugbirdz gang is limited in number with rare traits. They call themselves angels with fears, anxieties, wrong turns, and still leading a righteous path. Some of them enjoy being OG (special) of all. 

They are available with various traits: they differ in Types, chains, shades, face tattoos, smoking style, ear rings, beak colour, and hats.

They are also divided into four gang roles:
2970 or 89% of them are Thugs. 9% or 315 of them are Enforcer, 0.9 % or 25 of them are Underboss, and 1 thug bird is Boss. Rappers are rarest among them. They include Nas, Jay-z, Biggie, Tupac, mob deep, Outkast among others.
The massive figures of their sales are tempting enough to notice them in the NFTs crowd. Currently, they are listed on the Solana market places but eventually, they aspire to be listed in all NFT marketplaces.

  • 10 % of their sales will go to a foundation that works towards saving the wildlife of India >>

Thug Birdz NFT Drop Date 

The main airdrop was scheduled for August 22, 2021. Since then, their community is spreading like anything. You can see Twitter flooded with posts about their collection and their ongoing activities. 

The minting price for the first 1111 was 1 SOL, the mint prize for the second 1111 was 2 SOL, and 3 SOL for the third 1111s. Currently, 169 Thug birds are available on Digital Eyes for sale.

One of their upcoming drops is announced on Oct. 9 Saturday at 20.00 CST. This drop will be awarded to the newly joined community members.

On September 24, they had organized a live Rap contest on Twitter with Audius decentralized music sharing platform. The participants had to upload their tracks and tag them as a remix on Audius. The winners were declared on October 6 and they were offered Thugbirdz NFTs as the prize.

Thug Birdz NFT Road Map 

Work In Progress (WIP)

  • Listing on all NFT marketplaces
  • Launch new website and thugDAO.
  • Launch customized merchandise collection.
  • Complete 8-bit Thugbirdz game.

Coming Next 

  • Collaboration with other projects
  • Produce Egg NFTS for the OG collection
  • Creation of Thugbirdz rap song

Thugbirdz NFT Stats 

Current Selling Prize And Floor Prize 

The sales figures of Thugbirdz are massive and overwhelming.

Thug Birdz NFT Statistics On Digital Eyes 

Where Can I Find Thug Birdz NFT
Source: Digitaleyes. market

The current floor prize displayed on Digital Eyes for 1 thug bird is 90 SOL. The trading volume shows 66.8k SOL.
You can buy these NFTs with Phantom, Solflare Sollet, Solong, Slope, MathWallet which are attached with Digital Eyes and Solanart as well. The thug bird with the highest prize is THUG #0947 at 33188 SOL. And lowest is available at @ 130 SOL. They are available on How rare and Solanart Solana marketplaces for sale.
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Statistics At The Solanart Market 

The last seven days’ volume is $2679, 818, or 16478 SOL. Market cap is $48,781,121. The average price in the last 24 hours (Oct 7-8) is 30 SOL. And floor prize is 86.9 SOL.

Thug Birdz NFT Statistics
Source: Solanart

Concluding Words 

Thugbirdz cow-cowing is creating an irresistible buzz that can’t be ignored. It’s all there on Twitter and Discord. Through their upcoming drops, you can at least claim free NFTS by joining their hyperactive community. This collection is small and exclusive with the potential to catch attention from celebrities as well. Their future Thugbirdz rap project might create a sensation as well, bringing more value to the NFTS.

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