Looking to buy 0N1 Force NFTS?  Do you feel that you are late to join the NFT party and looking for a good early entry to an NFT project? Here’s one NFT that has a lot of traction. 0N1 Force is an amazing generative art collection of 7777 vibrant warriors with a lot of fun-filled action, along with a huge cordial community.

0N1 Force had launched its first NFT on August 19, 2021, which was sold out instantly within 5 minutes after the launch. The opening cost of this NFT was 0.07777 Ether and currently, it’s lingering around $297.

The project involves several celebrity investors such as Logan Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Aoki, Boby Kim, and TheNFTer among several others.

Looking Into 0N1 Force Realm NFTS 

0N1 Force NFTS Review
0N1 Force has action-packed 7777 characters with side profiles and distinctive features. They are fighting for their survival in the thrilling game of Ethereal Enclave. They possess more than 100 hand-drawn features including style, strength, and spirit among others.

The working force behind this collection is a group of people who met on the social media app Clubhouse and unitedly created this magnificent collection.

The 0N1’s NFT collectables are influenced by artist Jamie Christopher Hewlett’s artwork ‘Gorillaz ‘and have been crafted amalgamating the lo-fi aesthetic pop art style of artist IMCMPLX, who is also the creative head behind this project.

The project has a talented team including JR as Marketing Manager, EM as Community Manager, and Creative Head IMCMPLX. The Team has deployed experts for development from the CRYPTOSPACES. Front-end eye-catchy designs have been created by STRAWBERRY and CROMAGNUS is their house illustrator.

More About The 0N1 Force NTF Collection  

About The Collection Of 0N1 Force
One can choose any of the characters which are distinct in traits, rarity, looks, and identity.
Prominent traits include headphones, kitsune masks, top knots, and Strawberry.

The characters are divided into 3 main social groups or clans.
1) GHOST SPIRIT (YOK-A1) – They are common.
 2) The Demon (0N1) – they are rare.  
3) MONSTER FORM (The B4K3MO-NO) – They are uncommon.

GHOST SPIRIT: These are 5278 peace-loving characters in Ethereal Enclave. Their common features are Bandaid, headphones, and pels. And Cat ears, Gasmasks, and Loop earrings are amongst their rare traits.
THE DEMONS: These are 392 high-ranked rulers. Being an elite, they hold expensive accessories and their rare features. Their common traits are Perl headphones and Hannya Mask. Their Rare features are gold reflective jackets and a haunted and Canary.
MONSTER FORM: They are 2100 in numbers i.e. 27 % population in Ethereal Enclave and hold more value than the Ghost Spirit characters. Their common traits are PR Mask, Tengu Mask, and Obsidian and rare traits are Fedoras and Roses.

0N1 Force Statistics & Price 

0N1Force ranks 26th in the general ranking at the OpenSea marketing platform for NFTS. After the launch on August 19, the price for their single NFT was 0.0777ETH and the hype around their exclusive collection helped all the 7777 collectables to sell in few days after the launch.
Currently, in terms of volumes, it is 38.573.4K and the floor price is 1.95 ETH.  

How To Buy 0N1 NFTs? From Opensea? 

0N1s are available for resale at the OpenSea platform. If you are a new entrant in this arena and want to buy these NFTS, you can follow step by step pointers given below. Following is the link for 0N1’s Open Sea account https://opensea.io/collection/0n1-force
How To Buy 0N1 NFTs
 Prerequisites before buying 0N1 NFTs

  • First, open an OpenSea Account.
  • Make sure to have crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, and Dapper with enough Ethereum to purchase the NFTs.  
  • Connect your wallet with an OpenSea account.  
  • Search 0N1 Force profile on OpenSea.
  • Select any of your favourite pieces and simply click the ‘Buy’ option.  

0N1 Force -Road Map Ahead  

ON1 Force NFTs-Road Map
Metaverse Experience: 0N1 Team plans to build Metaverse space for its community to facilitate them with the virtual unique experience.
Exclusive Merchandise: It is working on developing a merchandise collection with IMCMPLX as the creative head. They are also seeking potential collaborations to materialize it.  
Play & Win MON1: The 0N1 community members can play & win off-chain MON1 currency on their Discord server.
NFT Airdrops: This Will also be offered to the winners and active token holders of the community.
Digital Comics: 0N1 token holders will be given access to their upcoming digital comics via a channel and also an opportunity to interact live with project artists Cromagnus and IMCMPLX.                            

Final Words 

This project has been acclaimed as one of the amazing community-driven projects with assured returns. As it has incredible exclusive collectables promising a profitable investment to unique buyers.

So if you are waiting for the right time to buy these NFTs, it’s here with the escalating volumes, floor risings, and multiple lucrative offerings on the way. You can catch up a lot of action on their Discord and Twitter account and their official website.

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