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URS are the first generation of 10,000 NFTs created with professional-level artwork. These new collectibles are short clips of highly detailed robots that emerge from the ground. The story of URS revolves around the last remaining humans on the planet, who managed to develop a surveying robot that is implanted with human DNA. All the URS have multiple traits ranging from hats to clothing.

Today’s The Project URS NFT Drop will take a closer look at what it is, drop date, roadmap, sales, and much more.

What Is The Project URS NFT & Drop Date

The Project URS NFT And Drop Date

What Is The Project URS NFT

Based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721), “Underground Robogenetic Survivalist” or “URS” (pronounced “Yours”) is an NFT collection created by Korean, American, and German teams. The NFTs are 10,000 unique biological robots with different characteristics as well as personalities.
From 3d specialists and illustrators to creative directors and concept artists, numerous experienced individuals have worked cohesively to create these high-detailed and desirable NFTs. Moreover, all URS have 3D rigged avatars so that they can be used in the metaverse.
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Project URS NFT Drop Date

The Project URS NFTs collection had a pre-sale for 9 hours on September 11, 2021, from 00:00 AM to 09:00 AM UTC. And the Main sale lasted for 24hrs starting from September 11 at 09:00 AM to September 12th till 09:00 AM UTC. >> https://twitter.com/TheProjectURS

Project URS NFT Roadmap

The team of Project URS has a predefined roadmap to guide their teams and inform the community about the future. Moreover, Team Project URS is not going to disclose everything intentionally and will reveal some information one by one to the members as the roadmap progresses.

The Roadmap

  • At 21% Airdrop
  • The merchandise shop opens at 30%
  • ​2nd Sale at 50%
  • Import NFT to metaverse at 62%
  • Another Airdrop at 77%
  • At 84%, the team donates some of the sales to environmental organizations.
  • ​Airdrops, benefits, sales along with additional settings disclosure at 95%
  • At 100% the game will be launched in the URS universe.

The Project URS NFT Sales Statistics

The Project URS NFT Sales Statistics
In the last 7 days ( September 7 to September 14), NFTs by Project URS was sold more than 4930 times, and the total sales volume was $5.19M. Moreover, the average price of a single Project URS NFT was $1.1k.

To add further, about ten per cent of the total Project URS NFT sale were for less than $587. About half of the NFTs sales were $975 or less and the top ten per cent of sales were for $1292 and higher. Currently, URS #5870 is the highest-priced NFT that was sold for $80.8k on September 12, 2021.

As of September 14, 2021, the floor price of Project URS NFT is 0.15 ETH at OpenSea Marketplace, and the highest price goes all the way up to 500 ETH and more.

Where To Buy The Project URS NFT

There was a Project URS presale that required a Mint Pass to participate. Also, you can only mint up to 5 NFT from one Mint Pass and the minting price for each URS. was 0.08 eth. The “mint pass” is distributed to the members according to their participation with the community(XP), different contests as well as giveaways winning. On the other hand, the mainsail was on raffle for 24 hours. To participate in the raffle you needed to pay 0.08 eth per application.
Where To Buy The Project URS NFT
All the NFTs have already been minted on the official webpage. You can find The Project URS on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. As of 14 September, over 3.5K owners have listed numerous NFTs on the OpenSea platform. You can further filter down your search on the basis of background, earrings, glasses, hat, ring mouth prop, and many more traits.


To conclude, participating in the raffle or competitions is worth the effort to get these valuable NFTs. The Project URS NFTs have some animated movement, look extremely high-quality, is 3d rigged for metaverse, and have a growing following on Twitter (12.4K Followers) and Discord ( 26000 Members) accounts. Each and every NFTs is meticulously designed with a set of unique traits that makes them great for trading or adding to an NFT collection. Moreover, the roadmap is set to take on metaverse and also introduce their own game.

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