Looking to buy The Sevens NFT Collectibles? Are you a fan of 07 Sevens? Find out the launch dates, where to buy and further details of The Sevens NFTs Project from here.

The Sevens are NFT collectables popular for their unique aesthetics. Each NFT is meticulously designed by an algorithm to give them a captivating look. With an engaging story, a set roadmap, and a loving community, The Sevens NFT project is set to trend much more in the near future. Today’s 07 The Sevens Review you can have a closer look at its launch dates, price and much more. 

Join the Opensea Page here for buying Sevens Official here: https://opensea.io/collection/the-sevens-official

What Is “The Sevens”? Know All About 07 The Sevens 7,000 Unique Aesthetic Collectibles Review

The Sevens NFTS Collectibles
The Sevens is a new NFT project with a collection of 7000 digital assets that have been generated by using an algorithm. The 7000 NFTs include references from anime, games, memes, movies as well as pop culture.  The entire Sevens NFT collection is based on apparel and accessories such as shirts, headpieces, masks, hoodies, and much more.

There is a growing Sevens NFT community out there for these NFTs which can be further explored on their Twitter, Discord, and Instagram Pages. There are more than 31.3K followers on Twitter, approximately 50,000 members on discord and 1,380 Instagram followers of The Sevens, making them ideal to purchase.

A few lucky community members can also get airdropped NFTs, which they can further list on a marketplace. 
What makes The Sevens so popular is their unique methods for revealing information by giving hints in sketches as well as treasure hunts to keep the community members involved. You can also join the Sevens Discord or Twitter accounts to engage with the community or get useful information.

Moreover, the team of The Sevens also interacts with their community by offering them exciting rewards and opportunities to win presale Seven NFTs. 

The Story Of “The Sevens” 07 The Sevens NFT Collectible Team 

The story is set in a dystopian future where salvation was found in the metaverse. Hidden inside the metaverse are treasures difficult to find. Finding them will help take control of the physical world. 

The Sevens Sales Statistics  # 07 Stats 

The Sevens NFTS PreSale Price & GAS Details!

Sevens NFTS Launch Dates
Since the Sevens has not yet launched, there is a pre-sale launch on the 4th of Sept 2021 at 2 PM UTC and ends on 7th Sept 12 PM UTC. The pre-launch is not available to all. It is only awarded to members that have been constantly involved with The Sevens social platforms.

About 2000 NFTs have been allocated prior to launch. These are distributed among pre-sale ( 1554), marketing (150) and strategic partners (296). Now there are about 5000 NFTs available for Public Sale.  You can mint the NFT for a price of 0.07 ETH + gas in presale. A single user can only mount Max 2 per wallet on the pre-launch. 

Post-Launch Schedule for The Seven NFT Project 

You can start minting the Sevens NFTs from September 7, 2021, at 7 PM UTC. There will be only 5000 digital assets available. Also, for the first 7 minutes, the number of NFT’s minted per transaction is limited to just one NFT. After the first 7 minutes, the maximum number of mint by a single user will be increased to 7 NFTs, until they are all sold out. 

How To Buy The Sevens NFTs 

You can start minting the NFTs from the launch date on their official site ” https://thesevensofficial.com/mint “. Simply type the amount of NFTs you want and click on “Mint”. 
After all the 7000 Sevens NFTs are minted, you can search them on top NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible to purchase them on resale. The NFTs that will be on these marketplaces are listed by people who purchased these NFTs during the launch. 
Sevens Official Page with Opensea is now accessible
Join the Sevens official Opensea Page here: https://opensea.io/collection/the-sevens-official
Please Note: Many Scam Pages are listed with Opensea and the Discord community has reported that users have purchased 3 ETH of Fake Sevens NFTS. The above link is shared on the Twitter page of The Sevens.

Roadmap for 07 Sevens NFT Launch 2021

A glimpse of their roadmap can be viewed on the homepage of their official website. Below, you can get a firm understanding of their predefined future goals.
Sevens Roadmap

Launch Roadmap

    1. Grand Skyfall: At 10%, The Seven will reward 7 community members with airdropped NFTs. If the user decides to list them for sale, then these airdropped NFTs should have a minimum value of 0.7 ETH. 
    2. The First Hints: At 25%, 7 community members will receive sketches of previous generations that include secret information about The Sevens.
    3. Who Dis?: At 50%, The seven will introduce a mysterious NFT in the metaverse for you to catch.
    4. The Treasure Hunt: At 100%, a treasure hunt will begin for the users. The main theme along with the questions for the hunt will be referenced from the digital artwork.

The Sevens NFTS Development Roadmap

In The Q4 Of 2021

  • The data of “The Sevens” is added on platforms such as Rarity. tools and Rarity Sniper.
  • The Sevens shop of premium clothes, masks as well as accessories will be available online.
  • Development of Season 2 will commence after finishing the treasure hunt. 
  • Collaborate with other NFT projects 

In The Q1 Of 2022

  • Sevens NFTS Season 2 will be launched. 
  • Priority minting will be available to Season 1 holders along with active community members.
  • Work with passionate artists by launching an incubation program for creating unique art pieces as well as fashion attributes. 
  • Future projects that are selected by the community members will be funded from the community treasury.

In The Q2 Of 2022

  • The Sevens DAO will be developed and released along with a $SEVEN token. The tokens will be proportionally airdropped to all holders.
  • Season 3 will be launched
  • Introducing a special mutation mechanism to make the NFT collection deflationary. 

Conclusion # Is Sevens NFTS Good Project? 

The Sevens are great NFTs to add to a collection. Their community has grown at an exponential rate with thousands of followers on various social platforms, eager to get The Sevens NFTs. What makes The Sevens valuable are their aesthetics and unique mix of different traits that make them appealing to their community.

Moreover, The Sevens NFTS is currently launching its season 1, and people who mint them will get additional benefits in Season 2 and 3, which will be launched by the end of next year. Moreover, if you miss out on a chance to get this Sevens NFT in Season 1, then you should know that it will be much more difficult to obtain them in the next season due to their increasing demand.

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