Productivity continues to be a word constantly associated with the iPad. And rightly so, its compact design, portability and robust computing power make it perfect for an everyday work or personal computer. Personally, I use it for everything, including word processor, photo library, video playback, social connection and of course my GTD mobile tablet. One productivity app I’ve enjoyed trying out is Next! by LefTurn Labs.
There are several features I immediately noticed that are very useful for being productive, which include action lists, project and goal status along with search. These three items alone make this app worthwhile. Of course, there are more goodies inside that take being productive to an entirely new level. One really great feature is the ability to attach files, such as images, spreadsheets, PDFs and just about any other type of file imaginable.
Beyond the GTD features, Next! has a very unique user interface that enables the user to swipe up, down, left or right to view all of the important information. This is great for focusing in on what’s important. It also keeps the screen free of clutter, which is also another essential aspect of any productivity tool.
Creating a project to track is simple. After opening the app the screen automatically goes straight to the project screen and has a label that tells the user where to put a new project. After selecting it and adding a new project, the user can then add in action items, due dates, notes, references, goals, links and attach documents.
The app allows the user to add multiple action items to individual projects. Let’s face it, a project usually has multiple tasks that need to be completed before the overall project can be finished. For instance, think about a work project that might have various groups involved. The art department has to concept, but before they do that their account team has to finalize client strategy and direction. After art, then there is review, production and many more steps to getting all the various tasks complete.
Where this tool becomes even more powerful is in the details. For instance, the user can define individual tags for each project. Using tag words such as waiting, research or next steps might signal a group of projects that are in the process of being finished, but need a few more details finished or researched before they can be completed.
The integration of note taking, document storage and search functionalities along with its visually pleasing aesthetics makes Next! an easy recommendation as a go-to project management app that inevitable will help anyone get anything done efficiently.

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