NFL 2011 is a solid football game that should satisfy most fans and sports gamers. It lacks some of the polish and extra features found in Madden 11 but does enough to make it a worthy competitor.
NFL 2011 has three gameplay modes: exhibition, season and playoffs. Exhibition mode is the best way to play if you are just looking to kill some time on a game or starting out. For those wanting further practice there is a more detailed tutorial mode that walks through most of the controls and nuances of the game.
The graphics are fairly strong with each NFL team included along with a rendering of their uniforms. There are a few oddities; each player is equipped with black gloves and the stadiums are fairly generic. The home team is designated with the home team’s name and logos in the end zone, on the field and along the sideline walls.
Quarter length choices in NFL 2011 are either two, five, or eight minutes. It is unlikely that anyone would want to play a full 60 minute game on their phone, but it would have been nice to have the option.
Season mode offers a fun way to challenge you through a whole NFL season that may finish with a Super Bowl run. Or just skip right to the playoff brackets by opting for playoff mode.
You can swap players by either tapping the player you wish to control or hitting the button for this on the bottom right of the screen. However when on defense avoid switching to another player right after a nearby opponent catches the ball as this action slows him down for a moment.
Passing works fairly well. After hiking the ball a small icon appears above the head of each of your receivers. Green indicates an open receiver while red means they are covered. A few times the pass “button” would stick if the touch wasn’t 100 percent accurate.
NFL 2011 is the strongest version yet and another good addition to the Gameloft franchise.
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