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It is a limited edition NFT collection in which each Alien Secret Society NFT Drop grants you ACCE$$ to the most exclusive business club on the planet!

The group of Alien Secret Society NFT project is dedicated to Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Investors and is built on One Thing: The Power of Networking.

Once you’ve obtained an alien, you’ll be able to communicate with each member of this exclusive club. One of the A$$ Club’s many key benefits.

They are aware of the existence of such private clubs. To receive a ticket, you normally need to be a billionaire, a royal heir or be born into money.

The mission of the Alien Secret Society NFT project is to treat every member like a Fortune 500 CEO. They will provide you with VIP access to some of the world’s most exclusive events! You will have first access to the best business and cryptocurrency possibilities Alien Secret Society can provide.

Every Alien is extraordinary! However, some are more exotic and significant than others.

Some Aliens have unique features that can provide their owner with numerous benefits, such as passive income or VIP tickets to select events.

All Aliens are kept on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 coins and are hosted on IPFS.