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Art enthusiasts have a new collection to drool over Animetas.  A Non-Fungible token collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain, Animetas are a generative collection of 10101 novels 1/1 active on the Ethereum Blockchain. The design of the NFT’s was done by Gustavo Viselner and it was generated by cyberh49. The owners of Animetas can engage in exclusive community events and challenges within the Animetaverse ecosystem- a virtual world inspired by the pop culture of the 80s and 90s. This has been created for a time in the future where the earth will no longer be habitable for human beings. 

Today’s Animetas will take a closer look at what it is, the drop date, roadmap, sales and many more details. 

What Are Animetas NFT? 

A unique collection of over 10,000 different designs, Animetas avatars are known for their inclusivity, having an equal representation of females and males. There is also a representation of characters of all ages with 100+ types of clothes and even 50+ types of masks, hairstyles, hats and more.  Animetas buyers get access to future Animetas-themed arcade world.  

Animetas NFT Drop Date 

Animetas has begun giving surprise giveaways on Discord recently. 
Animetas NFT Drop Date
They also announced dropping Hovercars to the wallets of Animetas holders in the next few months. 
Animetas NFT Drop

Animetas NFT Roadmap

An extensive lineup of launches has been planned by creators of Animetas over the next few quarters to keep users hooked. For quarter three, the following themes are envisaged: 

  • Jigscene Puzzle
  • Site Relaunch
  • AniToken
  • #FAnimetas 
  • #FanArt
  • Collective Collection V1
  • Romero AMA 

In quarter four, Animetas creators are envisaging the launch of the following 

  • AniPinball
  • Hovercars 
  • Arcade Leaderboard
  • AniMonsters Sneek Peek
  • D&D beta 

The creators of Animetas aim to keep the NFT enthusiasts hooked even into 2022 with interesting launches lined up: 

  • Weapons Limited Airdrop
  • Hovercar Game
  • Collective collection v2 
  • Animetas Voting system

In the final leg of Animetas roadmap in the near future, the NFT will be launching Mintable Weapons, AniPetas amongst other surprises that will be announced in the course of time.  

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Animetas NFT Sales Statistics

Animetas NFT Sales Statistics
A total of 201 Animetas NFTs were sold in the last one week (September 14 to September 21), while the total sales volume was estimated to be an impressive $325,000. On the other hand, the average price of one Animetas NFT was $1.6k. The most expensive Animeta sold has been $170.4k in early August this year. Animeta #8275 witnessed the highest price demand, as it featured a rare element ‘Air’ present in just 0.02% of the avatars.
On the other hand, Animeta#6588 was sold for $47,700 whereas Animeta#1806 fetched $45,200. The robust demand for Animetas is in line with the booming demand for NFT’s in the last few months.  
As per the OpenSea platform, the current floor price of Animetas was Ether 0.43 as of September 21, 2021.  
On the other hand, the sales volume of Animetas NFTs on September 21, 2021, was 8,800 Ether as of September 21, 2021. While ten per cent of the sales were for $1164 or less, the highest ten per cent registered sales for $1860 or higher. Half of the Animetas sales were sold for $1414. 

Where To Buy Animetas NFT Collectibles 

Where To Buy Animetas NFT
If you are interested to buy or rent Animetas, you can visit the official website. You can also head to platforms such as Open Sea or Rarible platforms to explore the myriad options and choose any of the funky designs by placing a bid. Users have the option to either make payments in US dollars or just with their Ether coins. The Animetas NFTs have already been minted on the official page. You can even change the dropdowns and check details based on the traits of interest and liking.    


The Animetas NFT has developed a robust community and has more than 21,000 followers on Twitter, the micro-blogging platform. In addition, there are around 13,000 Discord members and some of the NFTs have already fetched their owner’s huge sum. With over 4,000 NFT owners, Animetas have become popular amongst the large communities in a short span of time. Each NFT has a novel design with users having the flexibility to tinker around with the plethora of choices of masks, clothes, hats, masks and more.

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