The Capsule House NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain under the ERC-721 standard. With the influx of Japanese culture with Anime and Manga on mainstream television, it was about time these cute beady-eyed caricatures made their way to NFTs. The Capsule House NFT design is inspired, and officially taken off the Gachapon Capsule toys that are immensely popular in Japan. These NFTs represent tiny humanoid figures immersed in a capsule filled with some gel-like substance.

The purpose of the NFT is to create a community of the Capsule House NFT bearers that shall get access to events, art installations, and exclusive deals on various products.

Capsule House NFT

The Capsule House NFT rarity has been recently reviewed as of January 7th, 2022. And this article is here to declutter all the fizz and the blur around its sales, statistics, it’s roadmap, and importantly, its surprises for the future!

Capsule House NFT Overview

Capsule House NFT items 10,000
Owners 3,000
Capsule House NFT Floor price 1.34 ETH
Volume Traded 8,900 ETH

Capsule House NFT Features

With ambitious plans for the future, with the Metaverse breaking open, the Capsule House NFT is vivacious and full of surprises. Some of them start off on the basis of their Rarity. The combination of over 60 variants, coupled with about 100 species, makes ranking these NFTs a fun exercise. These NFTs are thus verifiable and are officially listed on several marketplaces and rarity tracking sites.

The artist Seerlight, a contributing force to the design of the Capsule House NFT, brings forth this official vintage artwork for sale for the holders, and thus the community blossoms. The sole feature of this NFT is to provide exclusivity in the universal (or Capsuleversal) scale of the Project.

The Timeline, Simplified!

The Capsule House NFT launched on September 28, 2021. Then began its verification on platforms such as Opensea, and Niftygateway. Their public sale began soon after. Then followed rapid spurts of growth and denial from the market, following up to the announcement of prizes and exclusive artwork sales for the ones that held it for over 30 days.

Capsule House NFT Roadmap And The Capsuleverse

Bespeckled with mini meetups, sessions, surprises, contests, and giveaways, the Capsule House NFT has got it all.

Seerlight, the artist, presents most of his past valuable artwork, to his upcoming masterpieces, for sale to the ones that hold the NFT. Along with that, a merch store exclusively for the holders is in the works too. There’s so much more where that comes from and last year, in November 2021, the roadmap dropped along presents in the form of Zodiac specialized capsules.

The Capsule House NFT is also filled to brim with challenges, puzzles, and rare capsules are distributed. Summating all this gives rise to the Capsuleverse. The House of the Capsule House NFT.

Capsule House Mint Price, Sales, And Statistics

Capsule House NFT Project

The Capsule House NFT Mint Price was set at 0.08 Eth, as mentioned on their official website. And the Capsule House NFT Floor Price, as of 7th January 2022, is 1.34 Eth, a wild jump from the mint price.

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The Volume Of Sales

The total volume traded in terms of Eth is 8,900 Eth, since its conception. And in the first week of 2022, the average price has literally doubled from 0.6 Eth to 2 Eth every day. As of the period from 5-7th January, the price and sales seem to be flattening. With the number of sales being at 215 per day.

Price Prediction

Considering all the surprises for the Capsuleverse have not been yet revealed, and the first week sees a spoke in the sales, the Capsule House NFT Price Prediction speaks in terms of growth. The flattened curve shall grow, and be sold for more than 2 Eth for a while before it comes back down.

Capsule House NFT: How To Buy

Well, if you asked, the Capsule House NFT, how to buy it? Where to buy it from? Is it even legit? I’d answer them in simple ways. You can buy it by making your account with Metamask and verifying your wallet on OpenSea. You can buy it from either OpenSea or Niftygateway, OpenSea appears to be traded with the rarer ones! And talking about the Capsule House NFT rarity, it got recently listed on Rarity. tools.

And there, using all its traits as parameters, the rarest Capsule House NFT goes for the score, of 1858.73. Which in terms of NFTs, compares with big players like Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.


The cute and quirky anime design appeals to the Manga and Anime audience. Although, its benefits and rewards for others are unconditional. The Capsule House NFT is a solid market mover for 2022. It is essentially promising! (c)

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