Degen Heroes is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that exist and breathe on the blockchain with the sole purpose of rewarding the NFT space. Each Hero is assigned an Element at random: Fire, Water, Earth, or Air. Something truly amazing is on the horizon for individuals who possess all four elements.

Degen Heroes were not created solely to appear excellent as the holder’s profile photo. The Degen Hero of the holder is a representation of themselves, the NFT aficionado, flipping and hodling their way into the Metaverse while avoiding rug-pulls and cash grabs. For providing liquidity to and being a part of this wild new world, holders need genuine value, real benefits, and a real community.

The Degen Heroes NFT roadmap is crafted to maximise value for Degen Hero owners at every turn through sales, drops, partnerships, and storey creation.

Each initiative inside the brand has been evaluated for viability and the potential of generating revenue compared to the cost of the project. The value propositions for these NFTs have been intended to directly reward holders in ETH, which may be accumulated and claimed at any time.

Degen Heroes Mint Date and Mint Price

Degen Heroes NFT

The official Mint date for Degen Heroes NFT whitelisted members is on 25 March at 9 pm (GMT), and the mint date for public sale will be on 26 March at 9 pm (GMT).

Degen Heroes NFT Mint price is 0.1 ETH, and the maximum Mint is four Heroes per wallet.

How Degen Heroes Holders Get Rewarded in ETH?

After minting is completed, the Degen Heroes team will present their staking contract. ETH rewards are created by the proper use of treasury funds (50 per cent of mint sales) as well as all revenue streams associated with the Degen Heroes brand. This will begin with 50% of all secondary sales but will quickly extend into various revenue streams.

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Money Raised at Degen Heroes Minting.

  • 50% of the funds will be kept in the project for future development. Without revealing too much information about the roadmap, the Degen Heroes team requires a significant amount of funding for the development of key aspects of this project. The NFT team had developed rough, cautious estimates for each aspect, which also influenced the mint price selection.
  • 50% will be distributed between the artists, founders, and team. The artist has been working as a tattoo artist on a full-time basis. The other two founders have also worked relentlessly at significant personal expense, both financially and psychologically, and have taken extended breaks from their individual enterprises to focus on Degen Heroes. This dividend will have numerous implications for each member. It acts as both a reward for their accomplishments and the opportunity for them to leave their day jobs behind and devote their full attention to this initiative.

The Degen Heroes NFT crew is well aware of the upcoming floor price alterations. According to the experts, there are two possible causes for the floor price to decrease.
1) Market behaviour in general.
2) Not providing holders with sufficient value.

First, no one else can do anything about it. All liquid projects will have buyers/sellers, profit takers, flippers, and holders – and each of these entities is critical to the ecosystem’s functioning.

The second, on the other hand, is something the Degen Heroes NFT team is constantly striving to achieve. They add value to every part of this endeavour, from the art to the financial possibilities for investors. These will include prizes, royalties, early access, future drops, and development. Value does not simply mean returning ETH to holders; it also implies developing numerous revenue streams for the Degen Heroes project that can be distributed in a variety of ways in a sustainable manner.

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