If you’re looking for the Habbo Avatars NFT Collectible Series, you’ve come to the right place. Before you purchase, learn everything about this NFT art from this article.

The Habbo Avatars NFT series is an assortment of 11,600 nostalgic and iconic pixelated creations compiled into a one of its kind collection. If you have been contemplating on finding an NFT that not only inspires you but also helps you optimize your investments, this one could be your opportunity to partake in the global NFT drift. Inspired by an array of extraordinary and phenomenal archetypes, this collection presents a range of creative keepsakes that find utility in the Habbo Avatars game and Metaverse.

The passionate brainchild of tenured artists and developers, this collection is a vibrant and colourful paragon in the slowly evolving world of Non-Fungible tokens.

What Is The Habbo Avatars NFT Series And What Is The Drop Date?

Habbo Avatars Drop Date:

The Habbo Avatars Collection will be revealed latest by October 5th. In the words of the makers, the project comprises billions of pixels travelling through the Metaverse. A sui generis token of its kind, this one is poised to emerge as a favourite among NFT traders, collectors, and enthusiasts around the world.

With remarkable visual representations of some of the most iconic legends of internet gaming in its early phases, these tokens have garnered tremendous interest from community-minded gamers around the world. With its unique value proposition, the Habbo Avatars NFT series is widely speculated to emerge as one of the best NFT series in the space.

Habbo Avatars NFT Series; Details:

Habbo Avatars NFT Collectibles
Source: nft.Habbo

Founded on the Ethereum blockchain network, this Habbo Avatars collection has an extraordinary aesthetic appeal for the millennials who have witnessed the burgeoning growth and expansion of the. Internet. The project also has thriving communities on Twitter and discord. Joining the Communities of the Habbo Avatars project are the best way to get regular updates about the important mileposts in the roadmap of the project.

The Habbo Avatars team has also reserved around 1,000 avatars for the existing Habbo community. The exact manner of. Distribution of these tokens. Among community members will also be decided soon. The company also plans to share these withheld tokens with its employees while distributing others through giveaways and content.

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Habbo Avatars Road Map

One of the greatest advantages of owning a token from the Habbo Avatars NFT Series is that each one of the tokens will eventually find use in the Habbo Avatars game. Therefore combined with other exclusive items, the value of these tokens is likely to soar as the company checks the important milestones in its roadmap.

A creative offspring of the famed creator and gaming enthusiast Muumiopappa, this project is sure to touch the sensibilities of gamers across the world. the company has so far put together only a rough but very scalable roadmap that the team plans to update and upgrade as it continues to accomplish its prolonged vision. With a supportive Habbo Avatars community and a team of tenured creators, this project has an obvious competitive advantage over some other similar gaming projects in the NFT metaverse.

Whereas the creators of the Habbo Avatars NFT Series refrain from talking about the future plans of the company in concrete terms, the current stats about the project generate considerable excitement among NFT enthusiasts across the realm. Backed by a strong team, the project is a remunerative and encouraging NFT endeavour.

The Habbo Avatars NFT Series Sales Statistics

Habbo Avatars NFT Series Sales Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

Habbo Avatars NFT series has demonstrated very encouraging sale stats so far. The tokens were sold 4189 times in the last week alone as of October 1st.
The overall volume of sales for Habbo Avatars was recorded at $7.22M. 
The median price of one Habbo Avatars NFT was $1.7k.
The most expensive Habbo #6166 Avatar NFT was sold at an impressive price of $5k. This is the most expensive sale made in the last 30 days as of October 1st,2021. 
On the other hand, the cheapest Habbo Avatar NFT sale was recorded below $1148. The median price for a Habbo Avatars NFT was $1692 in the last 30 days.

How To Buy Habbo Avatars NFT Collectibles?

How To Buy Habbo Avatars NFT Collectibles
Source: Opensea

Wondering how to buy Habbo Avatars NFT Collectibles? Available under the “buy now”, “on auction”, “new” and “has offered” categories, this unique NFT collection is available on the Open Sea platform.

The entire collection of 11,600 avatars will be revealed at the same time latest by the 5th of October. Now that you know just how to buy Habbo Avatars NFT Collectibles, waste no time and check out the. Entire collection on Open Sea.
Check out the official Habbo Avatars Page At Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/habbo-avatars
Official website: https://nft.habbo.com/


Whereas the NFT space is brimming with a range of tokens representing different forms of visual art, the unique selling proposition of the Habbo Avatars NFT Series lies in the programmatically generated hues of the tokens. Every one of the 11,600 token avatars has been programmatically generated from random combinations selected from among as many as 284 different traits.

Each token is therefore entirely unique and of its own kind. Therefore, depending upon the rarity of each trait, some tokens are rare than others. If you are wondering what these traits are, the gambit of traits includes everything ranging from the shoes worn by the avatar to their skin colour and their facial features among other things. Each one of the 11,600 avatars has at least one unique trait.

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