Are you Looking for Lazy Lions NFT Collectibles? Find out the statistics, where to buy etc. of the Lazy Lions NFT Collectibles from here.

As the name suggests, Lazy Lions is a collection of NFTs depicting portraits of brightly coloured Lions with different expressions and accessories. The Lazy Lions NFTs have gained major popularity within a few months and quickly become a desirable NFT for trading or storing.

Moreover, the team of ​​Lazy Lions offers exclusive rewards, additional content, and extra features for NFT holders. Today’s Lazy Lions NFT Collectibles review will take a closer look at its floor price, drop date, where to buy, what it is, and much more. 

What Is Lazy Lions NFT & Drop Date 

Lazy Lions NFTs

Lazy Lion is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs generated programmatically by mixing over 160 traits such as clothing, eyes, mane, headgear, expression, mouth, and more. Moreover, Lazy Lions NFT holders can claim a bungalow, and the VIP members of the community can get access to a private island hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Lazy Lions NFT Drop Date

Lazy Lions NFTs were available for minting on August 6th, 2021. All the Lazy Lions are sold out and are no longer available on the official site. There was also a pre-launch just hours before the main sale for active community members.

Lazy Lions NFTs Drop Date
Source: Twitter

Lazy Lions NFT The Roadmap

0%: Private island:

  • A private island is now open. 
  • Lazy Lion owners can get exclusive access to private discord channels. 

20%: Community wallet:

  • A tab is open at the Cabana Bar for all Lazy Lion NFT holders. Also, the community wallet is now open and can be used for various things.
  • Members will get rewards for active community engagement in the Discord channel. 

40% ROARwards Program: 

  • Lazy Lion NFT holders can now take part in a program and earn rewards for community engagement.

60% Merchandise drop:
An exclusive selection containing merchandise by Lazy Lion will be available. Moreover, a trait will be selected soon, and the Lazy Lion NFT with that trait will get free merchandise. 

  • 80% New NFTs:

The Bungalows are finally open for Lazy Lion NFT holders. Consequently, people with Lazy Lion NFTs can get a banner image of their private bungalow. 

  • 100%: Lazy Lions Game

NFT holders can play The Lazy Lions Game. You can earn rewards and bonuses by playing the game or winning community prizes.

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Lazy Lions NFT ROARwards

Only Lazy Lions NFT owners can participate in the ROARwards. First, connect the Ethereum wallet and log into your Discord or Twitter profile. As of early October, over 3000 members have already signed up to win a chance for earning extra rewards 

Lazy Lions NFT Bungalows

The Bungalows are present on the Lazy Lions private island. It provides a banner NFT that enables you to share other digital assets present in your collection. You can use this to showcase other NFTs on Twitter. 

There was a public presale before the full launch of Bungalows by Lazy Lions. The presale started on 25 September 2021 at 5 PM PT. About 1500 banners were available at the price of 0.3ETH each for just 3 hours. After that, all Lazy Lions NFT holders can claim a FREE banner after paying the gas fee at 8 PM PT. 

Lazy Lions NFTs Bungalows
Source: Twitter

Other Important Links

You can view the “Smart Contract” of the Lazy Lions NFT on Etherscan, privacy policy as well as terms of sale to learn more about these NFTs. 

Lazy Lions NFT Sales Statistics 

Lazy Lions NFT Sales Statistics 
Source: Nft-stats

Current Selling Price – Floor Price

As of October 2, 2021, 4.6K owners have listed multiple Lazy Lion NFTs on the OpenSea platform. At the same time, the floor price of Lazy Lion NFTs is 2.719 ETH with over 13.3K ETH of volume traded. 

Volume Of The Sales: From 25 September 2021 To 2 October 2021.

As per NFTstats, in the last 7 days, Lazy Lions were sold around 1014 times, and the volume of total sales was $9.48M. Moreover, the average or mean price of a single NFT by Lazy Lions was $9.4k.
To add further, the lowest ten per cent sales of Lazy Lions were equal to or less than $6.5k, and the top ten per cent sales were equal to or more than $11.4k. Also, half of the total NFTs were sold for less than $8.6k. Currently, Lazy Lions#678 is the highest-selling NFT purchased for $300k on 1st October 2021. 

How To Buy Lazy Lions NFTs 

How To Buy Lazy Lions NFTs
Source: Opensea

The Lazy Lions NFTs are currently available on online NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. You will first have to connect your crypto wallet to the marketplace for buying these NFTs. You can then narrow down your search further by using the filters in the side column to locate the perfect NFT. Different criteria for filtering your search include:

  • Chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn
  • Status: On Auction, Offers, Sale
  • Price: Select a price range
  • Traits: Background, body gear, earrings, eyes, mouth, and more. 

Also, always ensure you visit the verified page of Lazy Lions on the OpenSea platform to purchase an NFT. This makes certain you get a genuine NFT and not the multiple fakes out there. 


Since its release, the Lazy Lions have seen a significant increase in NFT trading, community members, and the amount of online engagement. As of early October, Lazy Lions has a huge community with 40,000 plus Discord members and more than 34.6K Followers on Twitter.

The well-established and staunch community of Lazy Lions is eager to purchase these premium-quality, colourful and vibrant NFTs for trading as well as collecting purposes. Also, the play-to-earn game by Lazy Lions will be a bonus for multiple NFT holders to win something extra.

Lazy Lions are among the most lucrative NFTs that are still actively traded months after their launch. A set roadmap, regular rewards, prompt feedback, and exciting prizes make the Lazy Lions perfect to add to your collection.

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